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    Is Xion "special" like Roxas? And other thoughts...

    i can't help but wonder... i thought of this when i was reading the thread... Namine (i think this is true, correct me if i am mistaken) came from Kairi's body and Sora's heart, yes? then if Namine came from 2 people... did/does Kairi have a nobody made from her and just her, and- though it is...
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    So, Is Xion the next Kairi?

    lol i agree. i'd die of laughter before i got to play bbs *shudder's at thought*
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    So, Is Xion the next Kairi?

    it is all very well and good comparing xion to kairi and vice-verser. But didn't we have the same thought about Roxas and Ven? and they turned out to be completely different people with only a very very slim connection. well that was true last time i heard anyway ^_^
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    DKΣ3713 - BBS info

    i hope we get more information, anyway i want to know if it was pointless me getting a psp yet or not
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    358/2 days final boss

    i think it'd be cool if u could battle sora like in the cutscene in the european version except it will be interactive for some reason i think it is about time sora gets completely mauled!!!!!!
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    sora for brawl

    does anyone apart from me think that sora should be on super smash brothers brawl ive looked around and one person said that he is playing as sora now. if sora is on brawl what would his final smash attack be do you all think i think it should be him turning into final form and mauling...
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    Form lv ups

    aparently it is good to lv up all forms to lv7 to beat sephiroth(dang hes annoying)
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    Form lv ups

    where the best places to lv up valor cause apart from sephiroth ive beaten every boss on KH2
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    Kingdom hearts 2 Final Mix+

    does anyone know when KH2fm is coming out in england/Europe and the USA