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    Anime Songs preformed in English instead of Japanese

    I recently came acrossed several of the Inuyasha songs that were preformed with the English lyrics. I was curious if this is a common thing because some of the songs sounded alright in English but others were just God awful. What is everyone's take on these songs that were originally recorded in...
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    Lies My Teacher Told Me:Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

    So while strolling through Barnes and Noble, I had the most interesting experience when I stumbled acrossed this book. As one who is highly interested in History and how the world has been portrayed by the victors and the dominant people of the time. This book is highy informative, though biased...
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    Diablo 2

    Beens there seems to be a large RPG fan base on this forum, lets see if any one can answer some questions. What the heck is the Key of Hate? How do you use it?