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  1. Emperor

    How do you play?

    BBS - Critical Mode - It's really easy to become overpowered in this game, so I tend to regulate my level with the EXP Zero ability. I max out at 35. The basic attacks can get pretty monotonous when used over and over, but at the same time, I don't like having to spam Commands, so I blend them...
  2. Emperor

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    I don't think Xehanort's Keyblade has a goat or chimera on it. I think it's a Baphomet.
  3. Emperor

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 - BOXART Concept

    Now all you need is the back of Aqua's head on the back of the cover and it'll be perfect.
  4. Emperor

    A question

    ^ He says something to that extent. I think Xemnas just threatened members with the ability in order to keep them in line - like Axel at the start of KH2. But, like Audo said, it would be really counterproductive to turn humanoid Nobodies into lesser variations constantly. It would be...
  5. Emperor

    Would you like to see anything included with 2.8?

    I would love to get an art book and/or a disk with the OST's. I would especially like the OST's, I could listen to KH music forever. Maybe .02 will even have some KH3 tracks to listen to.
  6. Emperor

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    That's normally how I would get killed in these play-throughs. Olympus Coliseum in KH1 teaches you to respect these guys though. Still have nightmares about that place.
  7. Emperor

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Increasing strength just makes them break out of your own combos faster though. For me being able to take at least three hits really helped me against the Datas. I've never worried about getting hit by combos since most enemy bosses telegraphy when they’re about to do them anyway. Larxene’s...
  8. Emperor

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    As long as you're familiar with the bosses and have the patience for them, strength doesn't really matter. Defense gives you opportunities to comeback from mistakes in the harder difficulties, so it's a good idea, especially if you're already lvl 99. You should do a decent enough amount of...
  9. Emperor

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I think it depends on your abilities. If you have Second Chance and Once More, having that high of a defense stat should make it so the Datas kill you in 3 hits. If you don't have these abilities, I think you'll still die in only 1-2 hits.
  10. Emperor

    Probably just a coincidence, but....

    ^ They're old enough to go to war though, which is funny considering what's supposed to happen in KH3 if they clash.
  11. Emperor

    How hard is the Dustflier?

    Once you get it's pattern down it's not really hard at all, just time consuming.
  12. Emperor

    Do you think the panel system can be improved?

    The cluttering of level panels was what put me off to the system. I didn't see the point of taking away traditional leveling just to put in level panels and their multipliers. I probably would have liked it more if they had kept to traditional leveling and left the panel system for all the other...
  13. Emperor

    Biggest mystery in the KH series.

    I found Demyx to be more difficult outside of his water clone game, and even then thunder gives you the edge in most of the situations he puts you in.
  14. Emperor

    KH2.8 - How will you start it?

    In whatever order they're supposed to go in. So probably, Back Cover, .02, and then DDD.
  15. Emperor

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Lol, yep, I believe if you hit the wall once at any level in Critical Mode without Second Chance that's the end of it. The yellow and white Magnum Loaders don't make it any easier when they keep trying to charge you.
  16. Emperor

    Help/Support ► Need some advice

    Thing is, the mother's opinion doesn't matter, it's what his fiancé wants that counts. Even if her mother doesn't like him, when push comes to shove, that's her problem. This is a fact some parents don't like to accept. Unless they have a legitimate reason as to why their son/daughter shouldn't...
  17. Emperor

    Help/Support ► Need some advice

    You need to get them both in the same room and talk about it. There's nothing wrong with having a very close relationship with your parents, but your fiancé is a grown woman and should be allowed to make her own decisions, even if that means having dinner with her in-laws. Don't be aggressive...
  18. Emperor

    So who thinks...?

    Definitely, and when you think about it the story has to start sometime when the worlds start being swallowed by darkness - KH1 - because that's when Mickey jumps into the realm himself. He wouldn't have any knowledge of Aqua's adventures beforehand, and since Aqua saw a destroyed version of the...
  19. Emperor

    Nomura on the title of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, 0.1 in Kingdom Hearts 3

    I always seem to fail at that too. Weird...
  20. Emperor

    Kingdom Hearts 0.2- the dark secret...?

    I don't think this subject has ever been tackled by the series or by Tetsuya. I imagine the heart dies too, and then a new one gets born into existence - not unlike how Sora was called a new heart in BBS. *shrugs* Or maybe they do return to Kingdom Hearts.