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  1. huanglulu

    Come Say Hi

    Hello nice to see you here ^.^
  2. huanglulu

    It's Been a While...

    Hello. I am the same myself, dropping in on and off to check out certain stuff
  3. huanglulu

    Returning back :D

    It been awhile since i been here in this forum but i decided to come back o/ Nice meeting everyone again
  4. huanglulu

    ♣ The TAV Trio Fanclub Version 2♣

    ♣ The TAV Fanclub ♣ Welcome to the Fanclub for the trio of BBS protagonists Terra.Aqua.Ventus ♣Old TAV Fanclub [Link]♣ ♣Founder♣ huanglulu ♣Original Founder♣ Zeagal ♣Reasons♣ ♣ They think and care about each other though far apart ♣ They work hard together towards a same dream ♣ They...
  5. huanglulu

    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    Now that you mentioned it. Days really is quite similar to the movie and Xion is kind of like Senna except she is made up of the memories of Sora and Senna the memories of alot of people.
  6. huanglulu

    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    Yea since they announce the game to be Roxas's game naturally i would consider Roxas as the main character XD
  7. huanglulu

    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    I think KH days is ok to me. I love the gameplay and panel system, Though i would love to see more interaction between each member and more character development for the main character
  8. huanglulu

    Have you s[p]oiled yourself?

    Re: Have you spoiled yourself? I have spoiled myself when the game was release
  9. huanglulu

    Why does everyone like Axel?

    I like Axel for that reason that alot of people had said I didnt like Axel for his action in COM namely killing his own comarade without remorse but my opinion change when i see the length that Axel is willing to go for his friends in KH2 and Days and i actually found that Axel did have a...
  10. huanglulu

    Nomura on Days

    Those are some interesting information :D thanks for sharing makes me wish they put in pinnochio too XD
  11. huanglulu

    Fanfiction ► The 13th Anthology

    That is a nice background story of the org member that you wrote :D
  12. huanglulu

    Is Days worth getting?

    I would say buy Days I think it was worth the try it is a good DS game though there could be improvement to the game. The gameplay and graphics are good especially the panel system and there are certain mission which are interesting though some could get repetitive.
  13. huanglulu

    Forgetting the plot...

    I think Days was nicely challenging. The enemies wasnt too hard or too easy to beat
  14. huanglulu

    Sora, Ventus & Vanitas

    I thought so too that Vanitas's face was probably blank like Xion until Sora connect his heart with Ventus hence shaping Vanitas look to look like Sora. That could be possible too XD i used to think that Vanitas might look like Ven before BBS was release XD
  15. huanglulu

    [spoiler] Master Xehanort: Evil or Not?

    My opinion is even if Master Xenohart's original goal was good that light and dark should be balance in the world. I think his actions were plain evil though to him it is right. He treated human life like tools and experiments as stepping stone to achieve that goal which is kind of twisted and...
  16. huanglulu

    Fanfiction ► Last Whispers

    i have read the first chapter the remaining chapter were awesome i love the way you potray Xion thought on what happen
  17. huanglulu

    What if Plan A Failed?

    I thought he was going to kill her too That is a nice theory and good point if he really want to kill Aqua he didnt even need to position the keyblade.
  18. huanglulu

    Fanfiction ► Kree Kruh Vergo Gebba Kalto Kree

    That a nice story that you have written though i didnt see anything that i dont like in the story so far ^^
  19. huanglulu

    Where is this from?

    That is a nice one of Aquatas thanks Key :) That will definately be a big plot twist XD and i dont think i am going to like a ending like that XD Like silver i think Vanitas will betray Terranort by not handing him the XBlade and possibly try to kill him with it instead of taking over his body.
  20. huanglulu

    Where is this from?

    I cant imagine how Aqua will look like if Vanitas fuse with her XD too horrible to think about it XD It is so deceving XD i kind of thought that Ansem and Aqua only reach the beach after Riku and Sora left.