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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    Obssesion by commertial.
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    You know you play too much Kingdom Hearts when... you plan on nameing you two sons Riku and Sora, and your daughter Kairi. you decide to play it all over again and when you save, you accidentally save over your level 100 game, with save the king and save the king, when the game you started is...
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    The stupidest thing I ever did in Kingdom Hearts was listen to my little brother even though I know more about Kingdom Hearts than him!! :stressed:
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    How do you get Reverse blade...if there is one?1

    Hey...I was wondering if there is such a thing as a reverse blade in Kingdom Hearts. If so, this is what I have done, do I have anything else to do?: 1) I have all magic to the highest level they can get 2) beaten phantom 3) beaten Kurt Zisa 4) beaten Ice Titian 5) gotten to level 100 6) gotten...
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    beating sephiroth

    How do you beat him!!! I am at level 100 and I can't beat him!!!!!!!!
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    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    Adding somthing to Tidus and Wakka Tidus and Wakka: Yes...we will obey you masteress. *cowers in fear* aquatutrum: Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! *eye twitches*
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    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    Hello sora...*glomp*! Must...Beat...Riku...at...sword fighting! *twiches uncontrolably*. Oh Silphie...*drowns Silphie*...Bwahahahaha!!! Tidus and Wakka...fear me!!!!!! Must...rule...Destiny Islands... Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Cower before me humans!!!!!!!!!!
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    When you mindlessly tell your sister what she has to do next when beating a world. When you mindlessy tell your little brother the directions to a chest, tell what's in it, and what color it is.
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    Hello humans!

    As you know, I am not of this world. Any way, I shall teach you the ways of Eletabians. Bye!!!:)
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    Help me!!!!!! you humans confuse me!!!

    Help me are there any other supernatural beings out there? If so please PM me!!!!!!:)