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    Sonic as a werewolf?

    In case many of you didn't know, in the upcoming game "Sonic Unleashed", apparently the Earth has broke up in separate parts and, of course, Eggman is behind it. Once again, Sonic has to go and save the day by reuniting the Earth by finding the Chaos Emeralds. The situation becomes more...
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    What is..?

    I was just wondering? What is your favorite Final Fantasy game(s) and why? I like Final Fantasy X because of the awesome storyline, gameplay, and graphics.
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    How come....?

    Now this has been buggin' me alot lately. Now in Chain of Memories, the Organization says that Sora, as he progresses in the Castle, he will visit areas has he remembers them. Now why does in every single world, everything looks so blocky? I mean I don't know how Sora sees things, but.... seriously.
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    Haven't you ever...?

    Many people consider the first Kingdom Hearts to be childish and for kids from ages 6-10. But as the story progresses on, the Kingdom Hearts series (as you well know) has gotten better. I have thought about this for quite sometime now and I have discussed it with my friends. If you could change...
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    Number 14

    What do you think Number 14 in Organization XIII is like? Do you think she's strong? Do you think you know what her power is? Why do you think she is gone from Organization XIII? Do you think Larxene is upset that she is once again the only female member of the Organization? Tell me what you...
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    New game, new characters?

    I am really hoping that I can get to play as the Chasers? from the secret movie.
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    Is anyone else so psyched of the KH game for the PSP ? Cause I am!
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    Level Up

    How can you level up fast in KH1?
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    Larxene's anntena

    Is it me or does anyone notice that Larxene's anntena looks like a shadow's anntena:confused: Just saying.