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    Organization XIII Weapons

    Which Organization XIII weapon would you like to have?
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    The least favorite Keyblades

    What's Your least favorite Keyblades? Mine's are : Gullwing from Hollow Bastion Sweet Memories from Pooh's World Hidden Abyss from Atlantica (or something like that) Hidden Dragon from Land of Dragons
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    Favorite worlds

    What's your favorite worlds? Mine's are : Hollow Bastion (Final Fantasy world , DUH!) The World That Never Was (Really cool) Port Royal (love Pirates of Caribbean) Disney Castle (finally could visit this castle) Timeless River (funny world to play with) Space Paranoids (hate Tron,but liked his...
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    The least favorite worlds

    My least favorite worlds are Atlantica,Pooh's World and Simba's World(though the Scar Battle is awesome) What about you?
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    have you beaten the game?

    I have finished it 6 days after the release ... I have played it almost all day long on these six days ...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    When fighting Sephiroth he used Sin Harvest on me(the attack that let you with 1 HP and no MP)I was without itens do heal myself
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    Your Favorite Keyblade

    (maybe someone else did this thread but...) What's Your favorites Keyblades ? Mine's are : 1-Fenrir 2-Oblivion 3-Oathkeeper 4-Sleeping Leon 5-Roxas Keyblade 6-Ultima Weapon (KH2) 7-Guardian Soul 8-Way to Dawn 9-Bond of Flame 10-Hero Crest