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    So What Now?

    So after the what-you-can-call-a-disappointment of D23 in Japan, i must know; what comes now? Whats the next event or magazine to give us information? Or is now the time when we just have to wait patiently until its actually released? Usually this site is amazing for letting us know what comes...
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    Sora's Father?

    I know this kind of post is pointless, and Nomura has said many times before that family ties don't matter, but I had the strangest feeling this could be possible. Could Master Eraqus somehow be Sora's Father? and could Aqua somehow be a relation of Sora's? The only reason I'm thinking this is...
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    Did anyone know?

    i dont mean to sound stupid, but did anyone know that for the english version of BBS, that Leonard Nimoy is voicing master xehanort, mark hamill is voicing master eraqus and willa holland is voicing aqua??
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    Found sites with a Realese Date for Europe..

    ye me too!!! i went on wikipedia and it said that there!
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    third symbol"SPOILERS!"

    u know how when roxas went to twilight town and wen he h=went to the library he drawed a symbol? well i think the symbol is a crown!cause i saw roxas's hand go up down up down up down and across. please dont flame me! its just my opinion! soz if someone has already put this up!
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    magic carpet

    for the magic carpet sidequest i can only defeat 62 hartless and no more! could anyone give me advice or tell me where all the heartless are so i could complete jiminys journal? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
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    heartlessess nobodys SPOILER(i think?)

    as the orginization said when u become a heartless u also hav a nobody.right? well u always fight the heartless but u dont see what happens to the nobodys.so im just wonderin if anybody nows what happens to them. sorry if someone has put this down!
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    vexen card

    but how do u use those cards?
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    The Offical Riku IV Help Thread Returned

    how do u use the vexen card?
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    vexen card

    im facing riku 4 in soras story and it says that for vexens card that when you die your health goes back to the top but when i die it doesnt work! how can i get the card to work?
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    Kh3 = Potc 2

    do u think that in kh3 they should put the potc 2 story line? cause i think davy jones would be such a good boss battle!
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    final fatasy

    can someone tel me about final fantasy cause when i frst played kh1 i never knew about it so can somebody tell me about it and its carachters!
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    Most evil villian?

    who do you think is the most evil villan in kh1 + kh2? i think its jafar he is SO evil!
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    what do ya think?.....

    you know how we know what riku and roxas look like under ther org cloaks wat do ya think is under all the other orgs cloaks?
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    the lost 2?(SPOILER!)

    sorry if this has been discused but in the secret ending it says that a legend says that the weilder of the keyblade saved the world but the other legend says he destroyed it. so mabye the lost 2 were the legends that ansem talked about in his report !
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    Birth by sleep? (spoilers!)

    u no how in the secret ending it says at the end "it all began with birth by sleep" do u no wat that means. sorry if this has been discused
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    the key

    sorry if this is old but many people have reason to believe Xehanort was a keyblade master. I have theory that can prove it. One sentence from secret movie and ansem's reports has been eluding me. " A key opens doors". keyblade masters are not only weilders of the keyblade but keys themselves...
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    mickeys keyblade

    this freind of mine said u can get mickeys keyblade if u get every single thing in kingdom hearts. is that tru?
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    nobody name?

    i dont know if someone has brout this up but do u no wat ur nobody name is? because i cant figure out mine.
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    KH2 in Europe (Late 2006)

    hey! i told darkdutchman it might be out on 26th may! also would you count briton as europe?