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    sora's new look

    he grew over the year.............
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    The Ultima Weapon

    I think they should have changed the name of it in number two because its not the strongest anymore and ultima means ultimate , but its not the ultimate keyblade anymore
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    it's still organasation XIII, even with a 14th member, right?

    thank you for clearing that up
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    it's still organasation XIII, even with a 14th member, right?

    i'm not gonna be able to get it so don't really matter to me
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    The Pie Thread!

    Randomly post stuff and stuff about pie
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    Sora's Official Height?

    about 5'7 5'8 some where around there
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    Quick Question

    so is anyone there??........
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    Quick Question

    so can you read japanese???????
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    358/2 days

    doesn't bother me cause i ain't got one(don't you dare correct my gramer)
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    358/2 days

    cool i have a ds but no wii.......that sucks
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    358/2 days

    i here its gonna be for the wii is that true???? or is it for the DS?
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    How Fast Can You Beat Sephiroth?

    i haven't tryed yet.........................