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    Donald and Goofy at end

    I didn't notice it, but now that you mention it, I see what you mean. I guess that is a little wierd.
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    lol, that's almost exactly how I reacted.
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    Pardon me, if this makes no sense: I found it hilarious, yet sad all at once.
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    lol, yeah. I know what you mean. KHI's ending was extremely depressing. I was like, "Nooooo, Kairi and Sora are still apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    Thanks! And speaking of Wolf's Rain...I love Wolf's Rain! That anime really got me emotional; especially when Toboe died...And Tsume...And Cher & Hubb...and Hige & Blue...and Quent or w/e his name was, and KIBA and CHEZA! :cry:
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    Just curious...When you beat Kingdom Hearts II for the first time, did you get a little teary-eyed? I did, especially when Donald and Goofy glomped Sora :cry:. I didn't expect such a happy ending, especially since Kingdom Hearts I was a cliffhanger. If you didn't get teary-eyed, how'd you react?