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    Who do you guys think is the worst member of organization 14?

    I have to go with Luxord... Demyx looks like a goof but when he said Silence traitor it shocked me as much as it shocked Sora and he killed me three times the first time I fought him. Luxord I didn't even understand that paragraph of instructions before you fight him and it didn't matter...
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    What would be a good surprise for the series?

    What would be a good surprise for the series? Before I beat KH I was sure that big bad pete would be the final boss and then it turned out to be a disgruntled black scientist's heartless's... so go figure. I think a good surprise would have been if Demyx was actually the leader of the...
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    Does anyone care about KH: Coded?

    Going into a digital Journal with a digital Sora to fight digital heartless? That seems even more unnecessary than the first KH: Mobile game which was a nightmare created by Maleficent. What do you think?:confused:
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    Terra friend of sora and riku?

    I wonder if Terra could be Sora's father or Uncle or something.
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    What do you want more KH Zero or COM: 2?

    Personally I want COM:2 because I'm hoping they'll bring back the Organization members we saw so little of like Vexen, Lexeaus, and Zexion. Who knows maybe we'll see more the other members like Demyx and Luxord and besides I can't really think of a starting point for KH unless you want to see...
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    My theory birth by sleep

    In the biblical sense sleep is often mention instead of death so it could men birth by death which may also mean that Terra, Aqua, Ven, and UEM died in that battle and may have been reborn or reincarnated as Riku, Sora, Kairi, and possibly Xanahort by some reason or another, that could at least...
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    How did the Organization know what Namine's power was?

    I mean if she had power over anyone's memory then okay but she can only manipulate Sora's memory and those close to him...how did they know what her power was without her evening being able to remember what her life was like before hand?
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    I had no idea that 0 cards could break combos so I was stuck at 4th repliku for a year when my friend borrowed it, played it, then told me about it.
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    CoM's ending

    Well, no mystery there. Sora's a dumb A**.
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    CoM's ending

    I know that pissed me off too. In the game ( I don't want to forget Namine guys. Jim- I know! I'll make a note to thank her when we wake up! Later...All my journal says is to thank Namine. Who's Namine? Ah who cares lets go bother King Mickey. Basically, Nomura haves Sora take piss on the...
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    Has anyone ever heard of the lingering spirit?

    My friend told me there's another boss in FM+ that's more powerful the the ES and he told me it was called Lingering Spirit or maybe it was Sentiment. Has anyone else who played the game came across this boss? Because I've never heard of it.:confused:
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    What summons do you want to see in KH3?

    I think most people agree that the summons sucked in KH2 that or you completely forgot about them like my friend did. So I ask you what summons would you like to see and how many? I want want adult Bambi, he could head butt heartless while you ride on him. Pete's dragon, he would be like an...
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    Do you think Organization XIII is evil?

    I don't think they're evil maybe sociopaths but not evil. At no time did anyone mention destroying the world or killing anyone other than Sora (I wanted to kill him a few times too) but, think by this point they were desperate to complete their goal. Only a few members actually did anything...
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    How should KH3 start?

    of course there'll be an awesome CGI recap then the wierd dream but this time you'll Start out as Kairi in the beginining. She makes a comment about meeting Sora for her training with the keyblade. You can try fight him but you can't really win (he still has his dresspheres and abilities) but...
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    What would you call the missing members lesser nobodies?

    What would you call the missing members nobodies? What about you? 1. Xemnas- Sorcerers 2. Xigbar- Snipers 3. Xaldin- Dragoons 4. Vexin- Scientists 5. Lexaeus- Titans 6. Zexion- Phantoms 7. Siax - Berserkers 8. Axel- Assassins 9. Demyx- Dancers 10. Luxord- Gamblers 11. Marluxia- Florist 12...
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    Jimminy must be psychic

    Did anybody notice that Jimminy can deduce an Organization rank and name just by the act of them removing there hood in front of him? No one ever said their name execpt for Axel and he revealed the superiors name. So how the hell did he know:confused:
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    Limit form

    What I really want is platinum...Just think about it, you could learn holy or something useful.
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    Limit form

    They have to make the abilities awesome because that outfit sucks.
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    How would you rewrite Kh 2?

    It infuriates me that there was so much wasted potential in the story. The writers could have done better with the story if they left unimportant and added more to the actual story. If it were up to me, the following subplots would be left out: Atlantica , Winnie the Pooh, gummi ship missions...
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    Limit form

    It's great to get these abilities back, I missed them but why his old outfit? It looks awful on him now, even if does fit.