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    Memories of Xehanort

    ? wanna share?
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    Memories of Xehanort

    although wat u say sounds pretti rational nixion i sumhow still think it has sumthin to do with xehanort's past considering we dunno nythin about his past or where he came from this culd be a new start for the series to connect xehanort's past to the near future after kh2 if u know wat i mean
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    Memories of Xehanort

    if xehanort was the dark person walking towards the knights and was the keyblade wielder that brought destruction to the worlds, then ienzo culdnt be the other keyblade wielder since he was one of ansem's student/apprentice?
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    Multiple Keyblades?

    wow...is there nythin to support ur idea?
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    Memories of Xehanort

    may i ask how?
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    Memories of Xehanort

    well yah but rememeber how TN stated that kh3 is sorta set in the past and the future? well maybe the decendants of the chasers in the future are the new enemies
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    Memories of Xehanort

    i Know this seeems a bit far fetched but just telling u guyz wat i think bout Xehanort's past. (srri if this had been said alreadi) Accoridng to wikipedia, Xehanort has no collection of his past before becoming an apprentice for ansem. This leads us to have speculations of who Xehanort realli...
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    Why 2 Keyblades? >Might Be Spoiler<

    hey i was wondering to myself in kh 1 sora was only able to wield one keyblade but in kh2 randomly roxas can somehow wield 2 and also sora can wield 2 during drive forms.. i'm just wondering where did the 2nd keyblade come from? or do we have to play the game ourselves to understand why? ps...
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    Nyone Help? >slight Spoiler<

    Hey just wondering does anyone have a better picture of Rikus new weapon (way to the dawn) so i can get a look at?
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    If you were to make your own KH2 world...

    if i was to create a world i wuld make a world entirely original like hallow bastion cept mixed with kingdoms that fight constantly such as like narnia's kingdom and a human kingdom and your role is to end the savage between the two n restore peace :D