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    Xehanort form

    By the way I just wanted to add .. It's a theory about how all the org member revived at the same time even though they were'nt defeated in same time. That means that if Zexion(for example) was defeated during Chain Of Memories and Xaldin during KHII They both revived in the same time because...
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    Xehanort form

    In the game , it seems like Xehanort revival is completed and he appears in the rooms where nothing gather for the first time after Xemans and Ansem SOD been defeated , it seems like that when he comes back , however it's impossible because , We don't know how long revival take , so the "right...
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    Xehanort form

    There might be something on timeline between the end of KH2 and the end of DDD , I mean when Xemans was defeated,Terranort was supposed to be back right away , since Ansem SOD has been defeated a long time ago before Xemans. So maybe between that time when Xemans defeated(end of KH2 //Terranort...
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    Xehanort form

    In the end of the game when MX appeard , Young Xehanort described him as his most future self(something like that) but the one who appeard was Master Xehanort , even though the most future self should be the appertince(Terra-Xehanort) When all the other nobodies destroyed , they all got back to...
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    Roxas Memories

    Yes.. actually not long ago I watched all 358/2 days scenes in order to refresh my memory because my DS is broken and I played this game a long time ago and I think I dropped a few tears in some scenes. Its the saddest KH game in my opinion , Roxas - Xion - Axel friendship thing was kinda...
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    What do you think about a return of her as her own person (and this time "she" not "it") ? I mean her story really touched my heart (days was the saddest game in KH in my opinion) and i really want her to go back as her own person .. but it's kinda weird :O Because she's a replica , she a "it"...
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    Roxas Memories

    In the end of the game , when Sora was in that kind of deep sleep , he could see / feel Roxas memories and feelings. Now , what's weird is that he could see Xion in his memories , even though every memory of her should have been deleted. And its not like he saw Xion memories , which can make...
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    I was wondering

    Am I the only one who wanted a playable verison of 358/2 days ? (In high quiality console of course // a total remaster not only scenes)
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    Isa or Saix, who attacked Lea?

    I once heard that it was actually Xehanort who attacked lea. He could control Saix because his heart was inside of him (that's the thing about vessels) so he used saix to attack lea like when he used his young self to attack riku , becuase young xehanort couldn't wield a keyblade(at that point...