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    Holy crap! Roxas a boss?! A new drive form?!

    Damn if this is true, I'm definetly gonna buy KH2: FM!!!
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    I need some help!

    How do you split Movies? Y'know like in different parts....so I can fit it on Youtube and stuff like that
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    The Saddest episode of Naruto

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I was watching Episode 17 of Naruto (where Zabuza realizes his feelings for Haku) and it made me cry. So I was wondering if ppl can post some sad episodes of Naruto.
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    When is the next Square-Enix Party?
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    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    Re: Happy Kingdom Hearts 2 Day!!!!!!!!!!! yea Happy KH2 Day!!!!!
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    The Best Naruto episode

    What do you guys think it is? I think it is the Naruto v.s. Sasuke episode
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    The Best Ability

    What do you guys think the best ability is? Can you share your opinions and tell me how to access them, cuz i can't read JAP. I'm always thinking "what is this ability?" or "which one is goofy's co-op move!?!" i'm getting really confused at this. I'm asking cuz i'm training so I could defeat...
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    Fanmade Aerith KHII Costume

    Like you even have one >_>
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    Fanmade Aerith KHII Costume

    Wow! I would like to see my girlfriend wairing that ^_^
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    my brain

    What the hell?
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    kh2 import impressions

    I just used the guide to figure out what materials I need to make the Ultima Weapon
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    Anti-form (spoiler)

    Okay, sora is covered with dark aura and what not. He is very quick and does alot of various combos to defeat enemies. The bad thing about it is that, you can't go back to normal until your whole drive gauge is depleted, which means all that battling to fill up your drive gauge was a waste. I...
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    Quick question

    You could skip the cutscenes, all you need to do is press start and pick the 2nd option.
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    * Spoilers *Anti and Final Form explanations.

    I got the final form during the fight with Xigbar and the anti-form against Xaldin
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    I need answers plz

    What is a collect list bonus? and what does the item Minagiru Kesshou look like? I'm asking cuz i'm trying to get the Ultima Weapon and I only need 1 more orichalcum.
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    KH2 Best Boss Battle

    I'm going to have to agree with you on that one, the intensity, the electricty the second time you fight him, where you know you're gonna beat him. It's awesome!!!
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    Ipod videos of KH2

    Wow! thanx again for all your help guys! i'm touched ^_^
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    Ipod videos of KH2

    Oh, thanx for your all your help everyone, well both of you guys -_-
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    Ipod videos of KH2

    Uh it won't work