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    KH2 or KH1 Theme Song

    Which song is better? I do not know the names of the songs but Is the theme song for KH1 or KH2 better? It's a hard decision but I have to go with The KH1 theme song. It fit the story better than the second one.
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    Best places to lvl up forms

    For master form you could just use fire to blow it up. Works for me anyway.
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    Xemnas Final

    I beat him at level 48 too, the hardest part is when you have to press x and triangle at the same time for forever. That gave me a hand cramp.
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    micky help me kill xaldin 0-o

    I did not know that until the fight with xaldin either. Don't feel bad. [100th post yeah!]
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    Marluxia Song

    You don't fight Marluxa in KH2, do you?
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    I don't know what to say...hey wait I just said something.lol Anyways I don't know that never happened to me.
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    Which Keyblade is beter?

    Now that i have heard the facts I have to go with Ultima.
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    Which Keyblade is beter?

    But does ultima have a better magic?
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    Which Keyblade is beter?

    Is the Fenrir or Ultima Keyblade better. Does one have a better attack or magic than the other one or what?
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    Ultamia Weapom

    Could not have said it any better Legato.:)
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    Leveling up your Summons.

    What do you mean when you say conversation pit?
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    Ultamia Weapom

    Look under the official Ultima weapon thread. Its sticky on the members helping members place.
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    I meant for IF_IL_II_IP's post ok.
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    The Unoficial Help place for Jiminny's Journel

    Ok, I have seen so many threads like this that it is giving me a headache! So if anyone wants help with jimminys journel come here and if anyone wants to help out answering peoples questions feel free to.I do not know every little detail but i know some things so please help out.:cool: :)
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    That is exactly what i have been trying to say!
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    I saw the spell in the spoiler forum under the thread- Sticky: RenoTurk's KH II Summary Lists/FAQ ( 1 2 3).on the first page under magic, and 1st post
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    Need help with gummi ship designs

    I used highwind level 6 with no abbilities attatched. It has great teeny ships.
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    what does the spell called life do. I have heard it on the forums lately but have not gottten it yet.So could someone tell me what it does?:confused:
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    Kh3 Or Not!

    Is there going to be a kh3 or not. The ending obviously gave something away with that letter from the king. Is it just some stupid rumur or not.:confused: :mad: