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    lesser known artists

    What lesser known artists do u reckomend (they are the one that aren't played on radios) I reckomend Bring me the Horizon As Blood Runs Black I Wrestled A Bear Once Lionheart They can range from any genre
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    My BBS theory

    VAT are keyblade trainies and they use real keyblades but only get KC's when they pass the academy. MX is tainted by the Darkness and leaves with Xehanort his apprentice and Vens best friend (This is a theory of mine if you want to see it is titled Ven and DS friends) The two leave for the...
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    The wielder that brings ruin

    So in BBS I think that one of the KB warriors is the one that brings ruin. Because Mickey supposingly told Xeahnort that so that mean he had to be there to witness this legend, My moneys on Terra, Because every world we see him in was either destroyed or taken over by evil, (Hollow Bastion)...
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    I like it, it's fun to play with.
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    358/2 days trailer

    Pretty good fanmade trailer
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    DS and Ven...... FRIENDS!

    First, I have no clue if this has been posted since I haven't been here for a while. As the title says I think they are friends, because they are some facts i've seen 1. when the DS appears in the ST Ven imedietly charges because he might feel betrayed that his friend chose Darkness 2. In the...
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    My favorite one is Dane Cook.
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    Help/Support ► I need help

    Okay so I met this friend while skating at the park. He's 15, His girlfriend is really awesome. One day he called me to meet them at a skateshop. When I got there,they were both pail. Niether would look at me. His GF mummbled the words,"I'm Pregrent." They told me that they wanted my help in...
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    Has anyone ever called you emo?
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    Who skates on the insider? If so say what kind of Deck, trucks,bearings,ect. I have a Plan B deck, destructos, reds bearings, and bones wheels!
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    WHO LOVES ATREYU?!?!?!?!?!
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    cloverfield game!

    Attention CF fans there will be a fan-made pc game released sometime this year! What do you think it is about? After or during the attack
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    14TH Member

    Who knows who it is right now!
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    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

    Have any of you guys used AR codes? They can frezze your game. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!
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    Whos your favorite. Mine.... The HAWK!!!!!
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    14th Weapon

    I say..... A sowrd that can fire blasts of energy out of it!
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    Pluto summon

    Sweet! Another reason for me to want FM+!!!
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    Alpha Omega

    This game looks good. It's supported by Etthan Hass was right.com. Which for a while was thought to be clues to 1-18-08. Apparently in the game you look to find Etthan Hass so he can help you beat these new overlords of the planet. Looks like a good game!
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    South Park, Simpsons, Family guy

    Which one is the funniest?
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    True Keyblade Master.

    Who do you think is the true KB master is he from the Past, Present [Sora's time],or future and male or female