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    How would you like it if...

    the next kh started off as what happened before Xehanort lost his memories and leading up to how it all lead up to everything in the first kh to happen and take place but after it shows the last scene before the ending in kh2 but the screen does not go off and then the end screen shows up but...
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    More FFX Help

    I know i just posted something for help with Maester Seymour but i need help on that dragon like thing you have to fight on the deck of the celsius. i can survive up until it uses haste, but then he kills me one way or another, had it be Swooping Scythe or Poison Powder which i have been able to...
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    Stupid Pooh

    umm.... actually i was asking for some help to get me through the level because it mocks me because i beat sora's story at least 4 times and i never beat it!
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    My thoughts on the COM Demo

    ur lucky! u got to play the other CoM in a demo? wow, and it was bad enough you did and i didn't but you couldn't sneak a camera....
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    Marluxia's Nobody?

    THat marluxia fight will be fun but i'm looking forwardto fighting all of the others even more.
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    KH:COM manga almost here..

    i went to several different book stoare and i have not found a single kh manga book. where are all of you getting all of it?!
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    Namine` theme

    hey just like Kairi had a theme in KH1, throughout the game while we heard it it was slightly altered but it was the same. i think it's the same with namine', i mean she is her after all
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    have you beaten the game?

    Yeah i beat CoM and Reverse Reverse Rebirth. It was kindof sucky because it was on Gameboy but it was awesome for a GBA game. I mean in this characters don't look like midgets squeezed onto the screen and you could swing the keyblade normally instead of B is punch. and A is select, and you could...
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    Making of CoM 3D

    They definately made Re: CoM after the origanal CoM!!!!
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    Original Voices and such

    I'd hope that they could make the voice acting the same as much as possible BUT did the Japanese version have the same voices?
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    Kingdom Hearts Triathelon!

    if it would come out in the united states i would play it all over again to experience it all in a series on the something other than ps2 Gameboy ps2. PS2 PS2 PS2!!!!
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    Secret Scene???

    Vexen mad replica's of himself?!?!?!? does this mean that there is a possibility that he is still out there???
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    maleficent (dragon form) super help

    I'd only be able to help if you told me if it was in sora's story or reverse rebirth but if it was in reverse rebirth you have preoblems.
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    KH:COM manga almost here..

    yes it's coming out soon but i tihnk kh2 manga is out in jp already.... poor us
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    Stupid Pooh

    I hate Pooh in CoM!!!! He acts even more stupid. He likes to eat honey, and worse he has to! How do I get him to all of his friends? I need to know.:cursing: :cursing: I HATE HIM!!!!! "STOP SLEEPING POOH. NO, NO DON'T EAT THAT, WATCH OUT FOR THAT HOL- oh never mind...."
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    Completed Journal?

    all i need to do is that stupid whinny the pooh mini game thing to get the last cards i need. so i'll know soon
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    Is there a HP Limit?

    I really haven't gotten that far into lv ups because i'm really good already so i don't really know if there is a limit but i am really sure that there is sometime. or maybe once you get to level 99 or 100 you can't level up anything. oh, yeah, you can only get two bars... i have not played CoM...
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    Kingdom Form?

    the truth is that i have no ideas but onlyslight possibilities and i don't think anyone wants their hopes up too high on possibilities. 900th post 100 more to go
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    How Much Would You Pay?

    i don't know how much it would be but i would pey a few hundred dollars before it was too much.
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    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    I'm pretty sure it's not going to come out ion the US, the first one wasn't, but i am going to get my hopes up just for fun, lol