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    ven theory. again.

    okay. i have another theory about the ven/roxas/sora connection. sorry if someone has been something like this before, but i didnt find any recent theories on the subject. okay so, again we start at the point in kh1 when sora unlocks his heart and is made a heartless for a short period of time...
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    kh2 opening.

    ^^emo stands for emotional. and emo doesnt mean you have no emotions. its usually people who have overly strong emotions or show them too much. a lot of the time like gothic people are "emo". or people who are depressed. stuff like that. and your not on your own. dont worry.
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    kh2 opening.

    i sort of think i know what your talking about. but i guess it sorta happens to me too. no worries im totally into the game too. :) i dont think your crazy btw.
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    BBS Function

    well if you look around the enemy, you can see green orbs dropped (health probably) and blue orbs, perhaps for this "focus" bar or whatever.
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    terra is xehanort?

    oh i really hope xehanort isnt terra. i thought so too at first, but there is SO much more evidence pointing to MX and DS than there is pointing to terra. okay this might sound dumb...but everyone keeps talking about the DS's helmet coming off....when did this happen? was it in the concept...
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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    well i think that having the ultima weapons strength is more important than beserk charge. you can beat him without it.
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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    first set your short cuts with curaga, reflega, elixer, and whatever else you want. then i would definitly have: second chance once more beserk charge aerial dodge counterguard guard upper slash leaf bracer and any other combo abilities you want to use. ABSOLUTELY use ultima weapon too. you...
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    ven/roxas theory.

    thats basically what was said already. im guessing that ven's heart did choose to go to sora for some unknown reason...just a guess tho.
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    Heartless in Birth By Sleep?

    nomura has stated that heartless didnt exist in BBS time.
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    Question about the DS

    haha. yep. no symbol, just red lines.
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    ven/roxas theory.

    yes i know. ten years before. but if you read what i said, im guessing that ven's heart "roamed" for a while before and during sora's story before it connected with sora's body and soul at the end of kh1.
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    Fenrir or Ultima?

    i would use fenrir in the paradox cups. fenrir has 7 strength 1 magic, ultima has 6 strength and like...4 magic? im not sure about that.
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    ven/roxas theory.

    well not only that, but we are given hints as to what the other pieces may be. with those 5 or 10 pieces and hints about the other pieces, we can make several good guesses about what the puzzle is. more like 5 < x < 50
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    ven/roxas theory.

    THANK YOU. phew. well obviously he wouldnt be a nobody. but maybe the people of kh2 didnt know this, and they THOUGHT that roxas was a nobody. idk im just making crap up now. hahahahaha. yes exactly. haha nomura an almighty god...funny visual there... :)
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    ven/roxas theory.

    kay. im gonna say it one more time. yes the keyblades choice would supercede fate. IF the keyblade was choosing. this is not a matter of the keyblade choosing a master or even choosing anything. ven's heart connects with sora's body and soul. is the keyblade choosing that? AND if choice is...
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    ven/roxas theory.

    yeah true sora may not be perfect, or whatever else you want to say. but he is stil the MAIN CHARACTER. i cant imagine nomura making the story end without anything special becoming of the main character. we have yet to see what is so special about sora, and we can assume that something big will...
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    ven/roxas theory.

    well yes that would be true, but in the case of ven's heart connecting with sora's body and soul, the keyblade is not involved. there is the possibility of ven's heart being drawn towards the body and soul of another keyblade bearer, but the keyblade itself is not choosing it's fate. well yes...
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    What about the princesses??

    well, if you think about it, the princesses must have been older in kh1. like cinderella didnt become princess until the end of her story, but shes there. and same with snow white, and so on. they must have AT LEAST been done with their stories by the time kh1 came around. so i think they must...
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    ven/roxas theory.

    haha its cool. i want to improve it, so some smartass remarks would be help ful. :thumbsup: yeah i havent figured out WHY sora was picked. im still pondering that part of it in my mind. but thats a good point i guess.
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    ven/roxas theory.

    okay im not sure if there is a theory like this, so let me know if there is. okay, so. here goes. there are obviously many references to roxas having a heart. some people believe that he does have a heart, while others dont. if he does, than he is an even stranger nobody than we thought...