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    Help/Support ► I need to rant, plus i want some advice... (girly adivce)

    Oh, I didn't know. And you're welcome. Also, if you don't feel confident about going to gym by yourself, drag somebody along for company.
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    Help/Support ► I need to rant, plus i want some advice... (girly adivce)

    Exercise. Try running for like 30 minutes then walk (you could do this if you have a pet too). You could try going to the gym or swimming with a couple of friends.
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    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    KH: 100 (Im sad...>,> I know) KHII: 75
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    I never knew you were...

    Im bored so i started to do this. Its a Work in progress and I dont know what i do with it. I need help coz its kinda..bland. V1 v2 (the only difference between the two is that one of them has the c4d.) EDIT: v2 (B and W) v2 (edited)
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    Need some CnC here.

    Wow. Code Gayass Can i haz some CnC plz? :3 KThxBai EDIT: Cropped, Blurred and darkened version.
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    well it isn't really 'square' backwards but the letters from 'square' is definately there. whoa...He does look like a samurai, the sketch looks kinda close to this one.
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    Birth by Sleep Downloadable??

    ^that and it was originally planned to be in UMD. but it might take a while before they do put it up
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    Famitsu Pictures based on Nomura Interview + Summons Pics

    I know right? Theres nothing wrong with somebody wearing a backless top. >_>; It probably gonna be a 12+ anyway. I love how the game it turning out to be. some awesome pics there. Although, some of the moves in the pics remind me of KHII
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    Have you ever noticed...

    well yes i have noticed that >_> the rain is to create the atmosphere. its a typical thing in stories (most of them anyway)
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    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    It wouldn't really sound right if vVen and Roxas didn't sound (nearly) the same. Jesse did a pretty good job In KHII in my opinion.
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    well of course. I HAVE to know what happen and its our only chance to play as a decent female lead.
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    The ETA Uno/Hr Grafix Fanclub

    (Banner by Kas) Yup ^^ This is the FC for the New Sig shop in town, The ETA Uno/Hr Grafix! And it is also for it's maker, Kasrinok. Man you're the best! ^^ AND IT IS ALSO THE PLACE FOR SPAMMAGE! SO COME AND JOIN NOW! :D Members: Beastly, coz he wants to be up here Artistry of Schedius or...
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    Im not too sure if they're fakes. I might check tomorrow. but isn't Dissidia released early aswell?
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    Yeah ask whenever you can, however you can. Hopefully its out by tomorrow.
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    umbreallas as a continuing joke :)

    XDD wtf? maybe Roxas couldn't find his keyblades
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    Ventus, Aqua, Terra are...

    exactly, but i doubt that they would be same as SRK personality wise. (except that Ven is a bit too much like Roxas.)
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    Ventus, Aqua, Terra are...

    Ohh right sorry if i didn't have the right answer. But isn't it just the style Nomura does it in? I mean Neku looks a lot like Sora. =/
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    Ventus, Aqua, Terra are...

    They look like them but they have different personality. I think they're meant to have a bit of resemblance to SRK.
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    New 358/2 Days English Videos

    Thanks for the Nice find! The game looks great just from looking at the vids.
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    HQ Renders - Terra, Aqua, Ven

    Whoa look at how HQ this is! Thanks for sharing this with us Monkey, :D