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  1. TepidShark

    All confirmed musics so far

    Am I correct that Stranded Beyond (The Final World Theme) can only be played in the last level of World Tour and can't be unlocked to play individually?
  2. TepidShark

    Which versions of the tracks did they use?

    I wonder if Midis being easier to time is the reason there isn't a lot of III & Orchestra in the game. The game is fun but the lack of a lot of those two is disappointing.
  3. TepidShark

    Which versions of the tracks did they use?

    Unless I'm mistaken, it seems inconsistent between which version was used for tracks that got redone for the HD collections. Destiny Islands & Lazy Afternoons for example sound like the reorchestrated versions from 1.5 & 2.5, whereas tracks like Tension Rising & Vector to the Heavens sound like...
  4. TepidShark

    I don't understand Teams

    So what is the gameplay reason behind playing as other teams besides Team Classic? By the time you unlock the first new team, you have gone through a bunch of World Tour with Classic so they are already leveled a lot (mine is at 25), whereas the new teams start back at level 1. Shouldn't I just...
  5. TepidShark

    What I think would be an interesting take on the villains in the next saga.

    So we know that the Foretellers, Luxu and the Master of Masters seem to be what the next next saga is based around. I was looking back at Back Cover and thinking about the personality they gave the Master of Masters, and would be interested if in fact his personality was real and not a facade. I...
  6. TepidShark

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    It seemed like the cutscenes were scored more like a film then then a game, in terms of the track being unique for the scene in question and having a beginning and ending. This is in contrast to the music in past games not specific to something being a loop that can go anywhere, for the most...
  7. TepidShark

    Post KH3 Mysteries List (Spoilers)

    Added to the list. Though I'm personally not sure how important it will be down the line.
  8. TepidShark

    Post KH3 Mysteries List (Spoilers)

    I'll add it but didn't Maleficent and Pete imply it contains the Book of Prophecies in the ending of Olympus?
  9. TepidShark

    Post KH3 Mysteries List (Spoilers)

    As far I know here are the lingering mysteries after KH3 (People may have theories but this is what we don't know for sure at this point): If people have other ones to add, add it to this thread and I'll add it to the list.
  10. TepidShark

    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    100 Acre Wood being in there was pointless. I mean it's literally one small area and one mini-game that has three variations. Weird they thought they had to include that as part of a numbered title but not arena battles in Olympus (the area behind Zeus could totally work).
  11. TepidShark

    Did the audio in Birth by Sleep's opening cutscene get swapped from DDD?

    I'm reviewing the cutscenes from previous games to prepare for KH3 and there was something that I wasn't sure if it was a minor change made to the PS4 version of Birth by Sleep. For the opening cutscene with Young Xehanort ("This world is just too small") in the original PSP game this was done...
  12. TepidShark

    GiantBomb's Kingdom Heartache

    Giant Bomb is a website made of old school Gamespot people (Jeff Gerstmann is the most notable). Followed them for years. If they make it through the whole game I imagine they'll be moaning about it the whole time.
  13. TepidShark

    2.8 is 60fps on PS4Pro

    Wait, I understand why 0.2 would need the PRO to do an advanced framerate, but are you guys saying DDDHD is only 1080p60 on the PRO? Or is DDDHD 1080p60 on Regular too?
  14. TepidShark

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Announced

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced Kingdom Hearts HD Final Cut Pro. All kidding aside legit excited for a follow up thing to Birth by Sleep. Wonder if it will expand on Birth by Sleep's battle systems or if it designed (like the FF15 demo & Ground Zeroes) to introduce...
  15. TepidShark

    New Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX trailer!

    Interesting they cut before Sora throws the scythe at Marluxia. Could just be an editing choice for the trailer, but I also felt like if they are keeping the edits from the original Western KH2, that they may have to cut that bit of the animation, as well, to get an E10.
  16. TepidShark

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX Jump Festa 2014 Trailer

    Not surprising but it is cool they updated the button prompt in BBS to be the PS3 Red Circle as opposed to the PSP White Circle.
  17. TepidShark

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- at Jump Festa 2014!

    Plus, unless I am mistaken they don't have anything coming out in Japan in March so it would make sense there (Lightning Returns is already out for them and Feb. for us, while FFX/X2 is out later this month for them and March for us). If that is the case then it would probably follow that we...
  18. TepidShark

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- at Jump Festa 2014!

    What do you think the odds are of a March Japan release date for 2.5 being announced at Jump Festa?
  19. TepidShark

    What music remasters are you looking forward to?

    Tension Rising is my favorite piece for KHII. I'll be curious if they remaster that one. If they do remaster BBS's tracks then Black Powder for sure.