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    I'm back after a year!

    Well, the very unknown me have returned and will this time (hopefully) not forget about this place! (So, anyone that actually knows me please come and say something!)
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    Detoskope turning black?

    Yeah, as the title says my detoskope turned black. I´m using XP professional and had no problem with the detoskope but a week after my dad installed my other screen the whole det turned black. Then he was able to get it back but when I turned on the sound from the soundpanel it vent to black...
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    Rep problem?

    I don´t have picture proof but this is the second time when I´ve got a new rep an old one has dissaphered. I pointed out this earlier when it happened the first time and I remember to have 6 in sep and I got another rep not long ago but it´s still at 6. Is there any explanation to this?:confused:
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    [Possible] new emblem from JF '08 scan

    My go at the symbol:
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    Nintendo DS Lite question, wi-fi related.

    Do you need the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector to use a DS Light wi-fi or can it use the same conection as a Wii?
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    2 or more surprising worlds in BBS

    I would love The Black Cauldron that film is great!
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: It's a Wonderful World Gee that´s the mor shortsighted opinion I´ve seen in a while...
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    Help/Support ► Annoying Kid.

    The teachers aren´t only in the school to teach. The rest just depends on how evil you want to be but I would go with the teachers. Not by any particular reason but sometimes it just gets out of your comtrol and then it´s good to have someone older to help.
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: It's a Wonderful World C´mon, is noone intrested in the fact that it comes out in EU?
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    The World Ends with You (It's a Wonderful World) in EU spring 2008! Long title... C3 News :: Nintendo DS News | It’s a Wonderful World: Confirmed for Europe, Spring 2008! I´m so happy I can´t breath, but I don´t have to...wait... Yeah, thoughts and other stuff, discuss!
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    Radio Plappo!

    Is anyone here listening to radio Pleppo (ok, there won´t be many as it is an swedich-finnich radioshow). If you know swedish you really shoud listen to the show, it´s the funniest thing there ever is going to be! If you are from sweden you may not undrstand every joke but I highly rcomend it...
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    Vaati's so called death? (LoZ)

    Yeah, I was wondering. What happened to him at the end of FSA? Here is the clip if you dosen´t remember: YouTube - Vaati's so called death in FSA. Personally I think he was able to warp in to the Dark Realm just before he died. That could mean that Vaati is returning in the next or some other...
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    Nintendo europe release list:

    From: British Gaming Blog » Another Nintendo Release List - Q4 2007 Yay! There are many games I want!
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    Help/Support ► This is embarrassing.

    Aw... That´s all to familliar. (Tho I never knew what I didn wrong...) Yeah, First off, as most ppl said stick to your friends. And if you feel the need to confront Jar do it if you are really shure. When you get angry abute something or that feeling comes suddenly it´s wery easy to make...
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    Help/Support ► I think there is something wrong with me.

    First of all, your friend kicked you? From thos faqts I wuld lead to feelings betrayal that is causin some of the pain. I´m just stating on the faqts you´ve given me so give me more info... But atleast go check your eyes, it might be good, it may be the diffrence in your right and letf eye...
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    Help/Support ► I think there is something wrong with me.

    I´m sorry for now going a bit off topic but, Princess of KH you do sound like a half ass doctor, just recomending pills to ewerything (and it is true that some doctors do that to...), but oweruse of pills makes them much less effective (I know). Oh well, I´m not saing you shud not take pills...
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    Help/Support ► I think there is something wrong with me.

    Shurly you are thinking it ower to much but... You´re 15 so the mucle acher may be from that you´r body is growing. And the headache culd just be stress (sorry, I have a constant migrane so I can just tell how it feels, not hellp much). And my may have a hole in a tooth somewhere that explains...
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    DS lite-question: Pico-chat?

    I know what the Pico-Chat is and kinda how it works, but how long range des it have? I´ve never had any contact whit anyone on it (exept when I tested it resently whit my cusin...having the DS´s 2 dm avay from eachother). Is the range national (or something), or in it just that noone never uses...
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    Eye color.

    What´s your eye color? And I don´t mean simple brown or blue, I mean what kind of color mix do you have. (if you only have brown or blue...well...-_- ) To get the idea read wiki article: Eye color - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia My eye color is hazel, On the inside of my iris is a dark...
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    Help/Support ► The Real Me...

    Hehe, sounds a bit familliar but I´m a bit inverted. First I´ll explain me a bit, shortly. For the last 2-3 yers I´ve suffers strong migrane attacks and nowadays I have constanly a small migrane. It really dosen´t matter exep I want to tell you that it´s actually wors knowing what that is...