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  1. Pratiko

    Buy a 3DS just for DDD?

    If you only want to play KHDDD, then don't. Rather watch it on youtube (I did, took around 3 or 4 hours skipping battles and some bad disney world stories, not worth watching).
  2. Pratiko

    March KH3D Famitsu Screenshots!

    So, what is Xemnas saying? And Yen Sid?
  3. Pratiko

    If Ven's heart is within Sora...

    Ven is in that chamber, as said by Xigbar.
  4. Pratiko

    If Ven's heart is within Sora...

    Well, Xemnas sent a group of Org. XIII members to Castle Oblivion for more than one reason. One of those reasons was to find Ven's location.
  5. Pratiko

    Nintendo Direct Conference on February 22!

    I bet there'll be a little scene among others from other games that are going to be released soon to the 3DS or the Wii U, not much else.
  6. Pratiko

    Xemnas IS Terra?

    Xemnas being Terra is very arguable. For example, Xemnas himself states that he doesn't remember any other emotion that isn't "Dark", as in sorrow, anger, despair, or sadness. If he cannot remember any emotions of the Light, then either He only has Terra's darkness or doesn't have any part of...
  7. Pratiko

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    DUDE LIEK WOO WOOO WOOOOOOUUOOO WO now really, I think this confirms Sora failing the exam =(
  8. Pratiko

    Fall of Sora (SPOLIERS) perhaps?

    Just noticed Sora's eyes are closed, while Riku's are open. Perharps Sora fails the test?
  9. Pratiko

    Fall of Sora (SPOLIERS) perhaps?

    I don't like speculating about endings and such, but I do like to think that we have yet to see the Station of Awakening of a being from the Realm of Darkness. In KH1 we were introduced to the Station of Awakening of a being of the Realm of Light, Sora. Then, in KH2, it was Roxas' turn, a being...
  10. Pratiko

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Yeah, the mystery game couldn't have been more announced to us since that big news about FFv13, KH3, and FFX HD. Hmm about the ending change, I dunno, I still think it's more of a multiple game development rather than story issue... Oh, and Xehanort's return was foreseen miles away, really...
  11. Pratiko

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    So, uh, shocking ending? Wasn't re:coded's ending supposed to be shocking? Didn't it only confirm that Xehanort would come back with support this time? I'm more suspicious about Nomura's concern with changing the ending rather than what it is. Perharps another side game will be made in order to...
  12. Pratiko

    What do you think Xehanort wants with Sora?

    He wants a foursome involving Terra and Ventus.
  13. Pratiko

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    this thread again... *sigh* kh2 couldn't match the game kh1 was. It only upgraded the graphics and lightning effects, while leaving aside the gameplay, the battles, the writting... etc... for a real kh experience, I suggest KH2FM. It's, at least, a decent challenge.
  14. Pratiko

    [SPOILERS] KH3D theory on the new guy

    Since this is a Dream World, anything is possible. Even meeting Young Master Xehanort, as Sora met Mickey in a timeline which they haven't really met yet, as confusing as it sounds.
  15. Pratiko

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread non-numbered games have always brought a new element essential to the story. Days brought us the evidence we needed for the Sora-Ventus connection via Xigbar's view of Xion and some development on a few org characters (mainly Saïx, Axel, Xemnas and Xigbar...
  16. Pratiko

    DDD listed in 'Most-Wanted Games' by readers of Famitsu

    what's surprising is that a One Piece game is more expected than a Kingdom Hearts game. That's just sad.
  17. Pratiko

    Optional Bosses for Kingdom Hearts: DDD

    Fucking Trance Kuja (FFIX) now that would be awesome
  18. Pratiko

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! I still can't believe the pet's part.
  19. Pratiko

    WAIT! Xigbar got his heart back?

    this final scene from the ending is probably a flashback, rather than present. remember how in the bbs ending braig walked by with xehanort but he looked nervous or something, it wasn't as if xehanort knew wtf braig meant. hoping more information about this in KH3D and hopefully in BbSV2...
  20. Pratiko

    KH2 in the Smithsonian

    of all KH games, why KH2 <.< re:CoM would have been a better choice, or even BbS if art was important