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    My weird MF strategy.

    I just used Reversal and the counter attack the whole time.
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    Level Grinding

    I use the Mickey D-Link in the Twister Trench, and I level up like crazy.
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    If I'm Pre-Ordering the bundle, will I still get these?
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    Riku/vanitas connection theroy

    Uh... Riku got the Darkness Suit after accepting the darkness given by Ansem SOD. Maleficent didn't give it to him...
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    Help/Support ► Neck bump?

    I have one and my friend told me it was just fat build up or somthing like that...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep On PSN?

    He was saying the GAMES take up that much space on your memory card or internal memory. I recently observed an example: Dissidia.s1cofeeman Ha, sorry I haven't got to use a facepic for a long time.
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    Didn't the article say there was a new world too? If not, where the heck did I read that?
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    Psp help please?

    Yeah, so... about 2 years ago I bought a White Darth Vader PSP, I had the habit of carrying it around in my pocket, and the screen ended up cracking (the LCD.) A few months after that, I bought the standard black PSP. Soon after that I learned of "modding" your psp. I still had my white psp, so...
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    Ven in the Poapu Tree

    Um... Embedded? He isn't part of the tree. He's wrapped in a blanket, (Like Jesus! :D), and he's laying on the tree.
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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    So... then why'd he make it?
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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    In the TGS Trailer, TAV are sitting in the Land of Departure, and Terra is talking about becoming a master, but whose keyblade is he holding? It looks like it was hastily made out of wood and a piece of rope. If there has already been discussion on this, I'm sorry, I haven't been here in a...
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    Renting it from Blockbuster

    The first time I played this game I rented it from blockbuster. I was like: "Ah, man they don't have the game I wanted... Wth, I'll play this, and see if it's fun." It was like fate that brought me and Kh together hahaha.
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    Special Edition Cover Sleeve?

    Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Nintendo DS: Video Games It says if you preorder it from Amazon, you get a Limited Edition Art Design "Cover Sleeve." What do they mean by "cover sleeve?"
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    I need a question answered.

    I know it's small but just bear with me... Why is Roxas in CO? I thought he wasn't allowed there...
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    8-bit Converter?

    Hey, I'm trying to find a program that can convert .mp3's* into 8-bit. Yet, I can't find one! Can somone provide me a link to download to a good one? *Or other sound file** **In which case I also need a link to a file convereter
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    Form Mirrors?

    You, guys sure there's not one for limit form? If there's really not, you idiots need to stop spamming and a mod close this thread.
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    Form Mirrors?

    FINALLY SOMONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!! Thank you, but yes... I still need the translation for Limit Form.
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    Form Mirrors?

    I've been looking for what those mirrors say in Yensid's Tower, but I can't find them anywhere. So can somone provide them for me? Including the Translated one for limit Form?
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    FM+ and Re:CoM

    I'm going to arsonize the place you heard this from...
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    I ahve a question, so as soon as it is answered, this thread can be closed. I was going to join PSPBlender, but do you have to have custom firmware to play their games and other stuff?