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  1. Raiinu K.D.

    Mrs. Potts weirdness [glitch]

    That is so funny: This very thing happened to me earlier today when I was playing. I just left the area and came back; that fixed it. Had to start the lantern-lighting mini-game over, but it could've been worse! *shrug*
  2. Raiinu K.D.

    KH3D HD trailer is up.

    If it takes place in a dream then all the crazy stunts they're doing make sense, right?
  3. Raiinu K.D.

    Eraqus's other students?

    This does remind me of something else though. Toward the beginning of the game, Eraqus says something about "...our youngest prospects in years..." implying that there have been others. Probably not a big deal though.
  4. Raiinu K.D.

    which command style are you most looking forward to

    Ice Blast is now called "Frozen Fortune," apparently. And lol, I thought I was unique when I chose Wingblade. :< Guess not. Though I'm excited for Fever Pitch, Cyclone, and Blade Charge a lot too. :3
  5. Raiinu K.D.

    Playstation Magazine Review

    That's good to hear. :] I hope someone can find scans soon.
  6. Raiinu K.D.

    Limit break

    Shotlocks are kind of like Limits too. But TVA are already so powerful, they really don't need anything more. xD
  7. Raiinu K.D.


    Well I don't know about you guys, but that was new and interesting to me. :]
  8. Raiinu K.D.

    The Making of Birth by Sleep - Art Direction

    @skyfoxx: *granted. This is great! To me, it's always so interesting to see how anything is made, but especially when it's my favorite video game. It seems like hard, but also fun work, and it definitely paid off. I dream of doing stuff like this, too, someday~ =w=
  9. Raiinu K.D.

    Who's gonna be your favorite character in BBS?

    Ven and Aqua. :] Though I also have taken a recent liking to Vanitas and Eraqus... But this is based on the little bits of non-spoilerific information I have. Oh yeah, and Mickey.
  10. Raiinu K.D.


    Re: Prononciation Thank you for actually paying attention to the Latin pronunciation. Though if we wanna get technical, classical Latin pronounces "V" like "W." c;
  11. Raiinu K.D.

    IMO possible storyline for KH3D.

    Truer words have never been spoken.
  12. Raiinu K.D.

    BBS ad in Game Informer Magazine

    You made me lol so much. xD Also, yeah. My brother's looking forward to Reach and I'm looking forward to BBS. It's funny that his is coming out a week later and they're both prequels. C: Yes. Yes we do.
  13. Raiinu K.D.

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Ok guise, I think that's 'cause the seventh's a Tuesday, lol. ...And everything comes out on Tuesdays. Oh yeah, and I agree with you both on the Osment thing.
  14. Raiinu K.D.

    awakening questions & answers

    Friendship, being indecisive, and to see rare sights. My first time at the weapon part though, I chose the shield and cast away the sword. xD Sora looks so awkward swinging around a big shield. Oh, and my adventure began at midday.
  15. Raiinu K.D.

    am i the only one

    I really like what you said, lycorismoon29. xD It's true. I much prefer the simplicity, hard work, beauty, and most of all, tradition of hand-drawn cover art. It would make me a little sick to see CG covers for Kingdom Hearts. It may work for other series, but in my opinion, not here. And save...
  16. Raiinu K.D.

    speaking of shark week

    Yeah, that and Sabor really scared me. :[
  17. Raiinu K.D.

    The reason why Kingdom Hearts is successful

    I agree that Kingdom Hearts brings back that "classic Disney magic" we've all come to know and love, and I do believe that is one of the many reasons why it's so very successful, but like Silver_Soul and Vanitas666 said, I don't think The Princess and the Frog is a good example of a movie that...
  18. Raiinu K.D.

    What will you do before BBS's release?

    The same thing I do every day, Pinky: try to take over the world. loljkjk I'll be spending time with my sister who is going off to college in August. :[ And after that I'll be desperately looking for anything to occupy me: most likely other video games. I just got and beat TWEWY about a week...
  19. Raiinu K.D.

    Will NA Get Both Secret Bosses

    Nomura also said something about adding new stuff to the international release as "consolation" for it taking so long, if I remember correctly. :]
  20. Raiinu K.D.

    New Screenshots- Enchanted Dominion

    Agreed. :] It seems they really worked hard to make the translations both accurate and non-awkward. Lllllllove it.