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  1. KhRiku_15

    Blu-ray help

    My family got a blu-ray player a while ago but everytime we watch a movie, it skips. we can get to the middle or towards the end of a movie without it skipping. i've tried a lot of things. we just did a filmware update and we've blown air into the disc slot. our cable box sits on top of it...
  2. KhRiku_15

    Do You Think its worth it?

    well that might not be too bad becasue ill be in college by then and ill probably need something to do during some down time hahaha
  3. KhRiku_15

    Do You Think its worth it?

    I am debating whether or not but the nintendo 3ds just for kingdom hearts 3d. if i do buy it, that'll probably be the only game i'll play on it and once im done with the game i'll probably never touch it again until im extremely bored and need something to do. what i want to is if anyone thinks...
  4. KhRiku_15


    I was trying to play multiplayer on Birth by Sleep but it said there was an error because the WLAN switch wasn't turned on, but even when it is on, this still comes up. does anyone know what's wrong???
  5. KhRiku_15

    Did anyone else pronounce it wrong?

    I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who was confused when they heard it pronounced on the game haha
  6. KhRiku_15


    the best thing Luxord said; "I know you're up to something, you have a terrible poker face." o_O Made me lol.....alot haha
  7. KhRiku_15

    Anyone who has read the Mortal Instruments Series

    To anyone who has read the series, isn't it amazing? im almost done with the last book. those of you who haven't read it, you definately should, especially if your into messed up love triangles and demon stuff. this maybe a bit off topic, but does Jace remind anyone else of Riku?
  8. KhRiku_15

    somhing i noticed

    omg wow ive never noticed that before!
  9. KhRiku_15

    Re: Chain Of Memories in NA

    Re: Chain Of Memories in NA OMG I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS WHEN I HEARD!!!!! but instead i was dancing and stuff......yea that made my day.
  10. KhRiku_15

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in America thread. OMG i almost peed my pants when i heard this! My friend didn't believe me that it was gonna come hahaha now i can say "i tod you so!" hahaha i'm so happy!
  11. KhRiku_15

    Radient Garden/Hollow Bastion security system

    it does help you the first time your there. but later when it goes out of control, it actually hurts you.
  12. KhRiku_15

    signature help plz!

    i've been trying to get a signature from another website but everytime i try it says that the remote file is to large. could someone help, plz?:unsure:
  13. KhRiku_15

    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer wow that was the last thing i thought to find posted on the website! THANK YOU! YOU MADE THIS DAY MEANINGFUL!!
  14. KhRiku_15

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    WTF! moments for me; Sora: "Ahoy! Treasure mattees!" in Port Roya Sora forgetting he had turned into a heartless. I mean how could forget that! So what you were asleep, that would still be something to remember! That last frickin song in Atlantica, the others i can stand, but the last one i was...
  15. KhRiku_15

    Donald and Goofy at end

    hahah woo0o0o0o0ow. great now i can't help but think of that everytime i finish the game! hahah
  16. KhRiku_15

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    O great another mystery for me to wonder about...........ha
  17. KhRiku_15

    Anyone else notice the mistake in KH2

    i never really payed thay much attention to it. but now that i think of it, it is kinda weird...who knows
  18. KhRiku_15


    it wouldn't have mattered if Goofy got in the way of the rock, Mickey's to short and it would have missed him, hahaha Goofy's sacrificed hiself for no reason!! That was pretty funny though! hahaha!