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    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    It all makes sense now. lol
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    Dragonball Z vs Every other Anime

    No, I don't mean quality-wise. DBZ was shit. But all the characters seem exponentially more powerful than... well, everything else. I'm thinking Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan (the actual form) might stand a chance, but what else? A death note? A geass?
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    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    Social Skills > Education
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    So Roulette

    A black guy knew he had it made when the old brass bottle he found in the back yard turned out to have a genie in it. Any three wishes he had would be granted, the genie informed him. "I wanna be rich," said the black man. The back yard filled up with chests of gold coins and jewels in the...
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    Post here if you would take a bullet for Sam

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    No I'm serious, it's a great name.

    I was flicking through the channels, and like, every movie I wanted to watch had just hit the credits. In saying that, a passionate kiss will burn about 6.4 calories. And tell them nothing personal. You don't want to see sexy cars on a Friday afternoon. You just want to stop, y'know? I hate...
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    So Sam...

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    So Johnny Stooge...

    I hear his vocabulary is limited to the words "shut" and "up".
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    Negarep abuse.

    Anyone else who has experienced such abuse is free to report it here. In regards to both cases: 1st) I'm wasting HIS time, personally. I wasn't making a big deal, and neither was I flaming any specific member. So what am I doing, exactly? 2nd) What constitutes as "spam" to this member was a...
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    So KHI is a shithole.

    It looks fine, but it's outliving its days. The mods here are a mass collective of moronic faggotry, far surpassing that of any set of mods I've ever seen on any forum to date. Unlike the oldies, who were legends with a decent sense of responsibility. But now that they're all leaving/have...
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    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    Kill them. But don't make it so obvious. Pick out the leaders. If absolutely everyone seems to take it upon themselves to make your life a living hell, then I suppose you have a lot of work to do. But if it's only select people who inspire the torment, they'll have to be removed...
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    GAINAX - Shikabane Hime

    The latest from Gainax: Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess) Images courtesy to Denizen of Narutofan Links Opening Theme Youtube Trailer Looks pretty cool to me.
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    Can we IP ban this fag already?
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    Help/Support ► Im 20 years old...the basics of women

    Yeah by the sound of it you're thinking too much. Don't over-analyse. Especially your movements. Do what feels natural. If you can't give off the impression that you don't care, then at least pretend to, and it'll probably come naturally.
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    Help/Support ► Im 20 years old...the basics of women

    Don't do that. Gay people aren't shy around girls.
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    Took Link vs. TP Link

    Discuss... now.
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    Help/Support ► My Rival.

    Yeah, that it is pretty weird. Do you enjoy being pushed, shoved and slapped, maybe? Well she's no gavin, that's for sure. Still, I can deal with second best.
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    Help/Support ► My Rival.

    Yes, yes... channel the anger. Channel the hatred.
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    Help/Support ► My Rival.

    That's because Gary's a ****ing joke. Yeah, like that.