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    Goodbye KHUX for now.

    Well as of the Update, as many are aware, the Emulators are in no longer functioning. I guess the galaxy s6 phones and some other phones arent working either, the App only opens for 5 seconds before closing again. I guess anything to do with Android 4 or whatever wont work anymore really. I also...
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    Anyone else think Sora pales in comparison to TAV?

    The Only thing that Sora has on TAV is that fact the He got things back to normal. (repeating what i said.. how lame)All Sora did was get things back to normal(Like freeing Terra's body from MX when he was Ansem SoD and Xenmas) personally i think BBS shows when the Sh!t hit the Fan. easy...
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    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    All i can say is Yes. BBS it was worth my $39.99. Though the story is fun, 12 hours without messing around is very short(So in other words when i finally start in Critical Mode i'll spend at least over 30 hours with each Character). Worth it? Hell Yes.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    About time, at some point this week i'm going to buy it, if i can get to Wal-mart/Gamestop(Both of which is 78 miles from where i live).
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    I got one question: If Xion was possibly in that pic, then just before you fight twilight thorn you see someone in a Org.XIII coat. Did Nomura ever say who that was?
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    Need a fight, anyone is welcome.

    Anyone is welcome! you can go easy or hard, i don't care, i need to test out this old man i made about four five years ago. Name: Zeke Race: unknown. Age: unknown(he's fricking old) Appearance: About 5'10", wears a Silver Orginization XIII coat. has silver hair. and one wing on his left...
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    Xion's "placement"

    Meh, you said it, not me. We can't really say for sure what Riku saw her as, he could have seen what she looked like(Kairi) or like you sad, Blank, but we cant say for sure.
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    Xion's "placement"

    All i has to say is that Xion is a Girl, and just might stay that way(if she ever comes back)
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    Ven IS Roxas

    That is very far fetched, how then would you explain how Ven saw Sora on DI? This has much too big hole in it..
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    Is Xion a One time only character? (spoilers ya)

    Since it really isn't confirmed that Xion is dead, or was a one time only character. So what i'm aksing is: Will Xion reappear at all? seeing as Xenmas, Saix and Riku were the only ones who still remembered her even after she vanished and also her talking to Roxas when Riku defeated him raised...
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    Pacing of the story (Possible Spoilers)

    I played and beat days in a few days, thats cause i have way too much time on my hands, i found the ending sad, but the only thing about that pisses me off is.... It had more questions than answers, it's like i didn't learn a damn thing about Kingdom Hearts, BUT it did answer all the ones about...
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    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    Well in KH i finished at 110(max being 255) that was cause i was wanting to do that Platinum match. In KH2, as i was only level 50-60, My little brother who's eleven(ten when he played a beaten it) was level 99, that is no joke.
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    Roxas definately had a heart

    I think it has something to do with when Sore turned back into human, Sora is the only person(other than Kairi) to lose his heart and get it back, so that might attribute to why Roxas had emotions, cause Sora was still alive. This is my best answer till i can get into that more..
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    I'm Kenpachi, as you can see, i've been lurking around KH insider for some time now and only recently signed up. I'd like to put in a couple of things about me, 1: I hate spammers. 2: I like to argue, as you could see in most my posts. 3: I don't take crap from anyone. 4: I respect any...
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    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    Which further confirms my theory, cause even though Nomura may have said that, it only means that Nomura knows who it is and he might reveal it later or never. Or it means that that Warrior has something to do with BBS.
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    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    Terra is not Xehanort/Xenmas, if we was, then YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Terra Battle this would not exist, though that does not confirm however, if this is Terra or not
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    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    Note:bah, i hate computers.. it could have something to do with that alter Terra in KH2finalmix, BBS might lead to who that really is too.
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    Who is Vanitas?

    The replica project didn't exist till during CoM, seeing as Org.XIII didn't exist and Xion was already confirmed to be the first replica, so i doubt he's a replica. Take a good look at the eye, who do we know has that color eye? Ansem(the heartless) has that color, so does Ansem the wise, but a...
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    Who is Vanitas?

    You must have not payed attenion to CoM then, Memories can Neaver truly be forgotten, And Xion was absorbed by Roxas, there making impossible to determine if she's dead or alive. So it rlly can't be proven if she's really dead, all her 'Death' did was raise more Questions.
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    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    Thats saying the same thing. but i Agree. ---------------------------- Well when playing days, look at the seashell that Xion leaves behind when he goes into Roxas. then look at the Shell that gets washed away. it's the Same thing. And Xion and Kairi are pretty much the same, as they both like...