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    Longer Sephiroth Battle Video

    seriously, sephiorth isn't that hard at all. and i think the only difference for each difficulty level is that his attacks do more damage. a lot of his attacks leave openings, especially his air combo( as u can clearly see in the video, it was really easy to counter his moves.) compared to...
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    the optional boss battle(may contain some spoilers)

    who here who has fought sephiorth.......thinks he is a pushover compared to the last game? i mean, i almost beat him just now, until he had one life bar, and i could hav won if i had one mor elixir. and to those who think im on a level 100 and am using the ultima keyblade, you are wrong. im...
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    Out of curiosity....(slight spoilers)

    has anyone beaten sephiorth yet? if so, can anyone PLZ give me some tips on how to beat him? cause i die in the first 10 secs(yes, i suck)......cmon, anybody?
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    if kh ended right away, without any sequels, I would have ended my obsession with kh. But when I heard about the sequel, I just couldn't resist. Kh was just one of those games that I couldn't live without, without finding how the story goes.
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    highly unlikely, cause, that's like impossible IMO. I mean, we've seen what some of the unknowns can do, and we even fought them 1 on 1 in CoM. I think most of us had trouble handling 1 unknown, and if 3-5 were to come at us at the same time, well, you get the idea.
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    cover art in trailer

    yea, and y are sora, donald, and goofy on that platform? that seems to be the bigger question.
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    do you think that sora and bhk will met?

    i don't think they will meet. i think it would be like, sora finishes one world and moves on to the next, and bhk goes to the world that sora just went to. they may never meet. who knows. we won't know until the game comes out.
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    BHK Voice (news)

    eh, playcell, where did you hear BHK's voice?
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    Kh2 extra features

    well, if it's really a disk with all the cut scenes, then what would be the point of playin the game?
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    Japanese PS2

    um......alright.....you could have just told us what u said in the first sentence. the rest of it is kinda out of topic. besides, i think most of us already know this. thx anyways
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    Poor Sora can never have a normal life...

    well, if all this never happened, we wouldn't be talking about kh2, rite?
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    KH2 info king

    u could hav put this in ur sig, instead of makin a thread bout this
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    when ur gameboy suddenly explodes from overplayin
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    what your most anticipated thing about KH2

    everything, plain and simple.
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    Kh CoM Ending

    do u want us to tell u how to beat axel, or what happens in the end?
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    I just noticed something...

    not really -_- it's not like everybody loses their hear at the EXACT same time and way, rite?
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    riku clone reborn

    could be.....possibly. we really don't know until the game comes out
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    wake up, cause it is all just a dream
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    The #1 thing I want to see in KH2...

    man, if he did drink, the whole story would be ruined! lol, i can imagine sora giving up his keyblade just to get more rum. btw, welcome to the forums!:)
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    DiZ and BHK Theory......

    mickey gave sora the keyblade? all i can say about your theory is that.......maybe, just maybe. we don't know much about diz and the powers he has. who knows what diz is capable of.