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    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    Re: How Does Lea Use Axel's Weapon? I think you make a good point here. On the subject of the teardrop markings: perhaps they are tattoos that he had when he was Axel, a Nobody, but when his Nobody body was gone, he reappeared as Lea in a new body, and thus the tattoos didn't last. (did that...
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    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Did anyone notice the changes on Axel/Lea? I don't just mean his teardrop marks, but his facial model looked slightly different to me. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't help but notice that. Also: Xion's CG model = AMAZING
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    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Yeah, I think it's part of 3 Musketeers World. If I recall correctly, there's a part when they're chasing after the stagecoach (or maybe it's when they're at the place w/ the windmills...it's been awhile) and mickey falls into a place that looks kind of like that. ...maybe i'm terribly wrong...
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    KH3D footage shown at October 21 event

    Very nice! The excitement levels are rising. I wish I could buy it when it came out though.... ¬_¬
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    Nomura interview!

    Damn this is all so exciting! *sigh* Brb, gotta go sell my soul for a 3 DS.
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    Found the trailer

    NOPE. Chuck Testa. 25252525252
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    Found the trailer

    Personally I think it's Braig. But hey, we'll know much more when we get a better quality trailer.
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    Found the trailer

    You can see bits of Braig's red scarf in the summoning-lightning stuff. Also, notice the boots. Aqua has silver shoes.
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    Found the trailer

    Really? After watching I don't see it....Perhaps I'm just slow. (so true.) Meh. -goes to watch again-
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    You were a fairy from the time of fall A floating creature that I could never reach No one like you would ever feel sadness, I thought to myself Ignorance is a mean creature, wrapping around my head And I could not see past the pretty picture I’ve never seen a fairy so sad
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    Before Xion Came

    I always thought that Axel and Roxas were friends, Axel possibly being a mentor or an older brother figure in-game. I didn't ever place Demyx with them just because it looked like, at the time, Axel would be rude to him and Roxas wouldn't give a shit. x'D But now that Xion came along I find the...
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    Better if it came out after BBS?

    Smile. You are winner. I totally agree. Yep yep, I think it would have been SO much better after BBS. But ya know what? It didn't, there's nothing WE can do about it. I still like the game, so whatever...
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    New 358/2 Days Volume 2 Manga Cover

    SO CUTE. Xion looks adorable, and so does moogle! Woot woot!
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    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    You are a winner. 252525252
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    KH2 in the Smithsonian

    ......damn this is pretty awesome.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    Ehh I really have no big problem with clothes. I prefer the KH2 wear just because it's been in less games, if you know what I mean. (i prefer older Riku. He's pretty awesome) Yeah~ I had a feeling it wasn't them in those clothes the whole time. Most likely just for the test, and the rest would...
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    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    PHEW. okay good thank you Nomura. I had a fear that the ENTIRE GAME was going to be the test. aah, i feel relieved now. ....I'm so fucking exciting.
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    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    Wonderland. Sorry but...I'm tired of it. Agrabah. Because I don't want to see more of that friggin sand trap... >_> Halloween Town. Sorry but I can't see anything else to do there. Dumbo World. ...For some reason I see Sora dressed as a clown. No one wants that.
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    Dream Drop Distances' ending/ final bosses and why

    Sora and Riku versus Pluto. You all knew it was coming.
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    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    ...... -facepalm- wow i'm so inspired by that act of...uh... genius... that i'm putting it in my sig. Way to fail, buddy!