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  1. lilVon

    shin megami tensei X Fire Emblem or Illusory Revelations#FE

    https://youtu.be/0fS24IxelBA Was originally going to post this in the Persona thread but this has really grown into it's own original game instead of simply being a SMTxFE fanservice title in the vain of Dissidia or Project X Zone. Instead it seems to be something closer to the Persona games...
  2. lilVon

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX in Famitsu Weekly; New Screens, Interviews and more!

    Haha is that command meld list? Man that takes me back! Plenty of hours spent grinding & farming commands!
  3. lilVon

    New Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep scans from Famitsu Weekly!

    Haha all the nostalgia this takes me back to when we were drooling over scans of the original game 5 years ago! Can't wait to play the FM version in HD! BbS> KH2
  4. lilVon

    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 8 Manga Cover + Release Date

    Re: Kingdom Hearts II Volume 8 Manga Cover and Release Date Neat !
  5. lilVon

    Your backlogs

    I'm at the end of FF Type-0 & I plan to pick up Octodad now that it's finally on sale as well as Transistor & Child of Light all on PS4. But I really need to finish up my AAA backlog which includes Assass pirates 4, Watchdogs & my Evil playthrough of InfAmouse 2nd son (already beat it on good)...
  6. lilVon

    The Legen of game the Korra

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyQEsTLcILs It's a thing. Discuss.
  7. lilVon

    Getting a cat help me name it

    Idk it's gender. It's orane and white in color.
  8. lilVon

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    Reading the KH wiki back in high school. Yeah I was kinda late to the party.
  9. lilVon

    Potential DLC you can see

    Why make all these things DLC when you can just rerelease the game with a few extra bosses, costume options, new dream eaters and slap on the words ""Final Mix" and profit!
  10. lilVon

    Level 1 Critical Mode run.

    I never understood why people do this is it actually that FUN too you? I play video games for fun not torture, Hell i dont even play KH for the story anymore, i just play them because their fun as hell!
  11. lilVon

    anyone else who disliked the flowmotion?

    I really enjoy Flowmotion but ive suffered the same complaints everyone else here has. I do my best to use flo-mo combos, basic keyblade attacks and deck commands to get the most out of the combat system. Really flowmotion needs a tad bit more polish, the ability to seamlessly use deck commands...
  12. lilVon

    First Time Playing BbS

    Find the command meld list, a quick search of the forums should yield the strategy guide scans. BbS is my favorite KH game because the trios commands and command styles are so freaking powerful and awesome! They're quite literally the strongest playable keyblade wielders in the series. I...
  13. lilVon

    So what games are you most looking forward to this year?

    Well ive nearly completly finished paying down preorders for KH3D, Dragons Dogma & AC3 & ive finished paying for the last Story & Starhawk so are their any other games I should start throwing my money at next? Vids would be appreciated. Games added to list: Transformers fall of Cybertron...
  14. lilVon

    Symbolic parallels between KH and Christianity

    Re: A symbolic connection between Kingdom Hearts And Christianity... These posts are all pretty much what i expected from KHI... Any way the only simblince i see to Christianity is the battle of good Vs. evil & that can be found in just about any epic tale, irreligious or not, & tales...
  15. lilVon

    Three Musketeers World featured in V-Jump!

    Joshua looks like he's having a bad hair day XD
  16. lilVon


    So today I was finally able to convince my family to get the netflix free trial. But when I hook up the Wii & begin browsing all I see are old movies. Then i check their website & they have new movies like hangover 2 but i cant find it. Is their a difrence in the selection for free trial members...
  17. lilVon

    Help/Support ► Software Recs

    Can someone recommend a good audio file type(is codec the right word?) converter & DONT mention AVS. Because someone gave me to AVS & its NOT free unless your happy with their audio logo randomly plastered throughout each song!
  18. lilVon

    KHI Interviews: Dat nigga XIII Heartless!

    Did them boxes like a boss! Enjoy guys! 1stly id like to thank you for taking time out your busy schedule to do this. How about you start by telling us a little about yourself? I chose you because I wanted someone who was a long time user here but maybe wasn't...
  19. lilVon

    Help/Support ► Diabetes discussion

    In all seriousness though my father has diabeetus & my my grandmother died in a diabetic coma, also im black so im at high risk to get the disease.
  20. lilVon

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

    High Moon said they were gonna do a sequeal but they're just now confirming name setting ect. & were just now getting sexy robot art also, DINOBOTS!!!