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  1. cassidy1991

    Kingdom Hearts 3 T-Shirts for SALE!!!

    Hey there! Otaku Dream here with a question... Are you ready for Kingdom Hearts 3? Show your love by wearing one of our KH3 inspired T's!!! As a bonus, we have a special promotion going on right now. For a limited time when you pre-order one of our Kingdom Hearts shirts you'll be automatically...
  2. cassidy1991

    Watch Tetsuya Nomura Draw Sora!

    Lovely piece! 2 weeks well spent.
  3. cassidy1991

    Wish Tetsuya Nomura a Happy Birth Day !!!

    A thread for those who couldn't help but take the time to wish Tetsuya Nomura a Happy Birth Day!!! May your good wishes be heard...=^-^=
  4. cassidy1991

    KH HD Collection adjustments

    They have to rewrite the code to render the models in a higher resolution. With the higher resolution, they have to re texture every menu, character, and environment that appears on screen. Plus the control issues we've got would require a rewrite of the original engines. But it could be as...