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    Mods Please Check This Out

    I was posting then next thing you know I have 5000 gil. I never asked for a donation but can you check into this. P.S I know you get gil for posting but I only started 2 threads and posted 2 times.
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    Favourite Secret Boss

    I just wanted to know what is your favourite secret boss. I heared there are Japanese ones but I don't know them.
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Charecters Would Never Say

    Sorry. I couldn't find it. I even searched for it... Mods close this thread.
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Charecters Would Never Say

    I saw this once. Sorry Cloud_Unchained for copying off you but I loved it and I thought I would start it again. Mods if this is in the wrong place please move it because I am not sure where it should go. What you have to do is post things that KH charecters would never say. Got it. If you don't...
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    Ultimate Hits versions

    Re: weird item They do not want to make Final Mix in other languages becuase the original Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts was not as good as the ones in other languages. So they made Final Mix to make it up to the Japanese.
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    I think Twilight because I think you get weaker powers of BOTH dark and light.
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    BHK'S Trophy ( SPOILERS )

    Hey, don't laugh, but I havn't even seen the trophy.
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    Favorite Keyblade

    1. Kingdom Key 2. Oathkeeper 3. Oblivion I like the Kingdom Key because it is the original. Not really sure why. As for the others, I just like how they look.
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    a little bit confused

    Yo the truth was that Kingdom Hearts was darkness but remember what Kiaris grandmother or something said. "In the hearts of children there was the light. But the true light is trapped in the MIDDLE OF THE DEEPEST DARKNESS." So the deepest darkness was Kingdom Hearts but then as the grandmother...
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    The Death Of Avalance

    Ok. This is my first roleplay so don't muck it up. This will be about the Avalance group from FFVII. YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY ROLE FROM THAT GAME! YOU MUST MAKE UP THE CHARECTERS YOURSELF! Do not start till I tell you you can. Template: Name: Sex: Appearance: Personality: Likes/Dislikes: (Optional)...
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    Favourite Boss/Enemy

    Anyone who looks at this can you just quickly post what your favourite charecter in KH1 was. I did not do a poll because there would be to many options. My favourite boss/enemy would have to be Sephiroth because he is sooooo cool!
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    Hi I am new but I heard that you get gil from posting new threads and topics. Is that true and if it is how much?