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  1. bemmers789

    Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) Theories

    @ Eon Yeah that's right...I'm still wondering what the actual plot will be besides the MoM exam. Maybe MX will make a cameo in the secret ending or something... And MF being a secret boss in TWO games would definitely strengthen the "time traveler" theory some people have.
  2. bemmers789

    Fanfiction ► Distorted Butterfly Wings [KH - Sora/Naminé]

    Aww this is so sad :( but sweet too ('cause I'm a SoNami shipper though n' through). I love all of your fics, whether they be angst or fluff ^^ Keep writing and the whole forum will be happy! XD
  3. bemmers789

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You Having TWEWY2 on the 3DS would be pretty aweome if they can pull the 3D off...I felt bad for Josh at the end too :( And getting both KH and TWEWY news @ E3 would just make my day ^^
  4. bemmers789

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You I agree that if there is a sequel (which both Nomura and Tatsuya Kando claimed they would like to see happen) it should keep the Japan setting. But idk how they would create another plot. What else would happen? I myself am on the fence about whether I'd like a...
  5. bemmers789

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You Bumping the thread of an awesome game ^^ Sooo discussion time. Do you guys think the sequel (if there is going to be one...there should be) to TWEWY should be on the 3DS? Double-screen battles would still work. The art style and the 2D sprites would be hard to...
  6. bemmers789

    KH3D OST

    @ Klom For a sec at the beginning I thought it was gonna break into "Waltz of the Damned" from Beast's Castle...But anyway that's an awesome composition. I think I 've seen that guy on YouTube before...At least a few new tracks would do 3D (and us) a great service.
  7. bemmers789

    Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) Theories

    Sounds more KH3-esque...and Nomura confirmed that the Mark of Mastery Exam won't span the entire game. I kinda like the idea of part of the MoM exam being in a dream/data world. *glances meaningfully at title* And I like Kingdom Key's idea of Sora and Riku fighting each other without knowing...
  8. bemmers789

    Thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this...

    .................................... No offense, but....Did they REALLY have to do that?
  9. bemmers789

    Just got the game!

    I remember I accidentally left the camera on Days set to the select button+ R and L my whole first play-through... But anyway, yeah the recoded camera was kindof annoying...especially during the... Riku boss fight.
  10. bemmers789

    Calling (drabble/short story)

    So I've got a little something planned out here. I'm gonna type up a (probably fluffy) drabble here and if somebody critiques it or even comments about anything here I will write another one. I'll incorporate some lyrics from the TWEWY song Calling for some effect. I will not use names or...
  11. bemmers789

    Why didn't Namine...?

    Oh of course *facepalm* Thanks Smile :)
  12. bemmers789

    Why didn't Namine...?

    Okay, this may seem like a stupid question, but when Namine was a captive of Org. XIII in CO, couldn't she have just wiped Marluxia's, Larxene's, Vexen's, and (maybe) Axel's memory and gotten the hell outta there? Just a thought...
  13. bemmers789

    Favourite Quotes

    Riku in KH1: "Only the Keyblade Master can open the secret door...and change the world." :) It's just an epic line And Beast in KH1: "No...I'm not leaving...without Belle." (Or something along those lines) I have a special soft spot for Beauty and the Beast :)
  14. bemmers789

    Fanfiction ► KH: Prince and the Pauper

    Evil Zexion grin ^w^ Love these two chapters as usual :) keep it up! I think I may be the only one paying attention to updates :p
  15. bemmers789

    Fanfiction ► KH: Prince and the Pauper

    :D Luvz da romance! Sorry for not reviewing earlier, I didn't see the update. Great job with the Repliku/Kairi romance (and Repliku's napkin note was hilarious ^^) I'll check for updates more often from now on and I look forward to reading more!
  16. bemmers789

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    The World Ends With You...HELP? Okay, so I'm on day 2 (I think) in week 2 and I have to win the Tin Pin Slammer tournament. Problem is, I suck at it :( Any tips or strategies? Thanks :) EDIT::: Neeever mind :)
  17. bemmers789

    Survivor: Redemption Island

    Hey, so I thought I would start a thread about the reality show Survivor (on abc). I'm a huge fan, and season 22 is going to premiere on Wednesday. If anybody in this insane (yet awesome) world that is known as the KHI forums knows about this show, feel free to discuss anything about it here...
  18. bemmers789

    Fanfiction ► KH: Prince and the Pauper

    Aww poor Riku :( Does Sarah not know about Riku running away and being found again? Because she said Replica/Rick would be at his job soon...eh ^^ Once again, tremendous job and I'll keep reading :)
  19. bemmers789

    Fanfiction ► KH: Prince and the Pauper

    Wow this one was very interesting... And I think I have an idea as to who those ghostly characters are, but I'll just wait and see ^^ I really liked Fate's point of view as well. I can't wait to see what happens when/if Riku gets back to the castle and what will happen to Namine when she goes...
  20. bemmers789

    Namine and the Keyblade?

    I know this may very well be considered a stupid question, but... Why again can Namine not use the Keyblade? Riku explained to Sora in KHII that Roxas could use the Keyblade because he was Sora's Nobody. So why couldn't Namine,, use the Keyblade?