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    Unlocking KH3D's Secret Ending and Secret Message!

    Thank you for this I just completed my game today and somehow missed a letter. I thought I had to redo the final bosses and ending. Then I saw this. :)
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    Completion Times

    31:55 on Proud Mode Sora and Riku both level 37
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    Secret Episode Boss (SPOILERS)

    The boss kind of reminds me of the thing on MX's keyblade.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    I'm so excited for this, the gameplay looks awesome!
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    ~The AswaxSora Fanclub!~

    Welcome to the... The AswaxSora Fanclub! Divine Goddess: AswaxSora Owner: Sir Saint Previous Owner: VirgilTheart Members: Vanitas97 nobodiesguard Gesso Anagram chasespicer056 NamiSora Vantias Smile Hamster Lord
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    Who here were fans...

    I got KH1 a little while after it first came out because I saw the commercial.
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    Final Mix Scans! (4)

    Eraqus is looking epic in armor, might think about importing this.
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    Six Famitsu Scans!

    I'm glad there's a lot of info coming out, gets me excited for the game.
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    ESRB Rating & Summary

    Thanks for the info. This is what I'm hoping for.
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    Famitsu pics and info - BbS Final Mix

    Thanks a lot Krexia for the translations.
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    If you could play as Vanitas would you?

    Yes I would he is one of my favorite characters.
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    Playstation Magazine Review

    I scanned the magazine. Also there is a little spoiler on what happens after you complete the 3 scenarios. page 1 page 2
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    What trailer do you prefer?

    The simple and clean one was way better than the other one.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Explain Namine .
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Again first post I said Roxas could use a keyblade cause he had Ven's heart and then rejoined it with Sora in KH2 so Ven's nobody wouldn't have a heart to wield a keyblade.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Tell me were I contradicted myself? Edit: First post I said Roxas didn't use them because he could use a keyblade. "Who told you that their nobodies couldn't use them" I was being sarcastic.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    I like how you said you read all my post and then said Roxas doesn't use them, when I answered why he doesn't in my first post. And who told you that their nobodies couldn't use them. Anyway I'm tired of arguing with people who said they read it and then ask a question I already answered...
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Again did you read my whole first post or just skim? I said I thought keyblade wielder's nobodys could use lightsabers.