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  1. hotaruchan

    Re:Coded opening movie!!!

    Re: Coded opening movie!!! whoaaa, that's cool O.O I love the opening.... XD XD XD
  2. hotaruchan

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) whoaa, nice trailer X9 Can't wait for it XD XD XD
  3. hotaruchan

    is 358/2 days worth getting?

    Re: is 365/2 days worth getting? If you like organization XIII you should try it 8 ) It's not bad but no too good to 8D It's up to you X3
  4. hotaruchan

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You I've played it and it's an awesome game XD I don't mind palying it so many times X3
  5. hotaruchan


    Xion just come and go... She disappear easily OoO; I don't hate her, just.....neutral X3 some people think Xion ruin the axel-roxas moment Xp maybe that's why a lot of people hate her
  6. hotaruchan

    Unlock Sora?

    All the mission gauge must be in 100% After finishing that, you can unlock sora X3
  7. hotaruchan

    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    uuummm, actually it's a good game but to many repetition -_- And Xion just come and go Xp
  8. hotaruchan

    Opinion on Days changed drastically.

    The missions is..... too many repetition -_-''' And the story is not as good as the other KH
  9. hotaruchan


    Beat a lot of heartless Because it's the only way to get munny in KH O_O
  10. hotaruchan

    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    Xigbar X3 Beating him makes me happy XD
  11. hotaruchan

    Will Vanitas Return?

    hope he will return X3 I don't know why but, I just want vanitas to show up again XD
  12. hotaruchan

    Favorite line in Birth By Sleep?

    When vanitas and ven were going to battle, Ven saying like "It's okay, as long as I can save Aqua and Terra " XD How lovely X3
  13. hotaruchan

    Are you tired of all [spoilers]

    I'm fine with all sora clones 8 ) Since he is the main protagonist 8D Vanitas is better than sora XD (that's what I think)
  14. hotaruchan

    Kairi+Destiny place= I TOLD YOU SO

    Kairi in ACTION??? D8 I don't think so and I don't want to XP The way she walks (with namine) is awkward enough, when she fighting too, I just feel don't right XD But anyway, I just want Kh give Kairi a better role X3
  15. hotaruchan

    Which Secret Boss is Harder?

    I've played KH FM+ Sooo I know how hard LS is, and because I haven't played BBS, I don't know how hard VS XD
  16. hotaruchan

    Xion's theme in piano fom KH piano collections

    YEAAAH, nice!!!! XD XD Two Thumbs up XD XD
  17. hotaruchan

    favorite drive form

    anti form XD XD Sora's attack became faster and the way he run, I think is somehow...eeeem, yeaaaah like that!! XD
  18. hotaruchan

    larxenes possible somebody name?

    How about pamela andeson XP alrene is the best thought, it's fit for her XD
  19. hotaruchan

    Coming Back

    ..... I think Xion is better to not coming back D 8 she has finished his role in Days, and that makes me like her, she sacrifice herself for roxas 8 D
  20. hotaruchan

    Is Ven a waste of time?

    If ven changed to someone else or removed from the story, will sora ever exist??? O.O Maybe riku will be the one who hold the main role 8 ( Ven is not a waste of time, he played important role I think 8D