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  1. peachei

    Dream Drop Distance

    i think dream is what sora and riku are in during the entire game. drop would be the drop gauge. and i'm not quite sure about distance, but of course we'll all find out when it comes out! :)
  2. peachei

    Watercolor: Kairi w/ heartless

    CC please? i haven't done watercolor in a while, and i would just like to know waht you think (:
  3. peachei

    When you first saw KH?

    No, i totally understand!! This game has inspired me so much as well, in my artwork and strangely enough, my outlook on life '^.^
  4. peachei

    When you first saw KH?

    Hey! I'm new here and i've always wanted to speak with people who loved KH as much as i did. So, i would like to discuss what everyone thought when they first saw KH (whether it'd be from a commercial, trailer, or fanart etc,). The first time I saw KH was in a commercial in 2002 (my childhood...