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  1. AIAwesome

    Does armor in BBS have secondary uses?

    If the armor were to give the wearer protection in general besides the darkness, then Ven's armor did a good job protecting him when MX froze it and then smashed it. Haha I'm just putting this out there, nothing serious, just a witty comment.
  2. AIAwesome

    News ► Pre-Order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Now!

    Unfortunately, with that art book for X|X-2, Square-Enix was able to get my money for that...gahhhh why must I be so poor?!
  3. AIAwesome

    News ► Pre-Order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Now!

    Well there is the whole Gamestop opening at a certain time, then I take the train to Chicago which takes about an hour, then another 2 hours going to my apartment from there. So three hours. Doesn't seem like much but the whole train schedule is what kills it. Haha.
  4. AIAwesome

    News ► Pre-Order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Now!

    I'm so irritated since it comes out on September 10th and I start school on September 11th. Not to mention I'm picking it up at Gamestop, and I'm in college and the Gamestop I'm getting it from is by my house, not my college. UGHHH. That travel time from my home to my apartment is gonna shave...
  5. AIAwesome

    What Keyblades do you all use or prefer?

    Hey guys! I've been farming for some material along with doing those mythril material quests but something dawned on me...what keyblade should I level? So far, the bonus Keyblade for raids have been the Treasure Trove (The Snow White Keyblade I think it's called) so I've been using that, but...
  6. AIAwesome

    Hopes for 2.5 HD

    Well in BbS, the armors of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua were supposed to have capes but due to limitations the PSP had, they couldn't include them in the actual game. So if BbS is included in 2.5, then let's all hope that they actually program in the capes this time.
  7. AIAwesome

    What difficulty are you going to attempt the trophies on?

    Except for KHI, I've always done proud mode first just to give myself a challenge throughout the first playthrough. For me, the best part about the games is the thrilling feeling of "OH GOD IMA DIE OH MY GURRRRRRRR" but ending up winning anyway. But yeah, pretty much the harder the difficulty...