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  1. Zven

    Question: in which order should I play the games?

    You should just get the 1.5 Collection and play those in order and then get 2.5 whenever it comes out, I wouldn't recommend to wait, there's plenty of awesome games to keep you happy 'till then. :wink:
  2. Zven

    Fully Interactive Gummi Mission Guide

    I hate gummi ships but I want the Platinum so... thanks for the guide!.
  3. Zven

    Trying to fully understand this forsaken game

    That's the most WTF thing of the whole game to me, and the game is full of WTFs...
  4. Zven

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm asking for girl advice on KHI -.-

    well you got all the advice you need, don't get too bored while in the hospital and I hope everything works out for you, hang in there.
  5. Zven

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I'm talking strictly Disney here, I'll make another post later about Kingdom Hearts original worlds and Final Fantasy. New worlds I'd love that need to be on KHIII: - Toy Story: From Pizza Planet to Andy's House, it'd just...
  6. Zven

    Not bad at all...

    I had to train A LOT with Sora, some fights were crazy hard, grinding is going to add a couple of hours to the clock. Good luck!.
  7. Zven

    The likelihood of II.5 (and I.5) being ported to PS4/Vita

    Re: The likelihood of II.5 (and I.5) being ported to PS4/Vita. If you ask me it's very possible that they come to PS4, and PS4 has remote play so you could play it on Vita as well, and an official Vita version wouldn't be necessary. I'm keeping my PS3 after I get a PS4 so I really don't care...
  8. Zven

    A Young Kingdom Hearts Fan

    Being a half-Disney game young kids can really start young on the series with all the movies. I hope he stays on the right path!.
  9. Zven

    So, what's gonna happen to Dream Drop Distance now?

    Well the point of putting it on consoles is to have all the games in the same system, like a lot of people are saying it makes no sense to hype the way to KH3 with these HD remixes and leave out the closest one to KH3. That's why I also believe both HD remixes will be coming to PS4 before KH3...
  10. Zven

    So, what's gonna happen to Dream Drop Distance now?

    All those problems are logistic and distribution and marketing, in terms of making it available on consoles, it's not that hard or slow process. My point is, when we get the game, if we get it at all, it will be for those reasons.
  11. Zven

    So, what's gonna happen to Dream Drop Distance now?

    I don't think they need to remake it, just upgrade it to HD, add trophies and release it like they did with Resident Evil Relevations. It only took one year going from 3DS exclusive to consoles with that game, so it's really not hard at all to do.
  12. Zven

    PS3 Kingdom Hearts bundle?

    I don't think it'll happen officially but maybe sites like Amazon could do something like that.
  13. Zven

    Hopes for 2.5 HD

    Honestly the only thing I hope is we don't have to make 9 playthroughs to get the Platinum in Birth by Sleep (3 difficulties per character).
  14. Zven

    Old-New Member-Veteran

    Hi everyone!. My name is Jay, I'm 22 and I have been a Kingdom Hearts fan for more than ten years now. I bought the very first one when it came out and I have followed (most) of the series ever since (I'm a Playstation guy so I haven't played Dream Drop Distance, here's hoping they port it to...