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    so uh

    I'm now beginning to think that every single person is sora or is related to him o.o
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    So who looks cooler...[SPOILERS]

    Riku...your still my hero...
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    oh hi it's your pal shamdeo bringing you

    wanna get out a machine gun, and stab you with a keyblade till death cuz of this >:(
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    This game is not for children anymore

    I was 4. I watch my brothers play it. And now i play it~!
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    When Sora realizes he has so many people connected to him and how many lookalikes he has...

    oh well Sora~ Look on the bright side~ Kairi gets a Sora and so does Riku~
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    Secret Ending Discussions

    I'm still get over on how cute child sora and riku are <3
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    OMG WTF?

    Awwwwwwwww............*massive nosebleed*
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    New Stream [Terra's Story]

    Hes now in Neverland~ and that scary yukkuri voice lingers stilll....
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    New Stream [Terra's Story]

    i heard yukkuri heads during the stream.... (though random high pitch voices you may hear random)O.O ^ | | | yukkuri
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    new Mysterious Silver man!?

    I'm hoping it's Riku......
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    sora fight?

    Sora deserves to die~ (then it'll be epic~!)
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    Needs Moar TERRA, no, Really it does
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    I thought a replica is just mere doll whom had a hearts created for them... (don't listen to this please)
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    What if days did hint at something?

    Okay now i'm getting confused @.@
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep world excitement

    I can't afford a PSP *sulk*
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    Hair color means nothing.

    Great. ppl are blabing about grey hair
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    Kh 358/2days memory scene

    I got pretty confused there too (but liked what i saw)