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    I thought Ven's keyblade didn't have a keychain.

    ARGKDGW I GET THE MEANING OF THE NAME I JUST THINK IT IS RETARDED and maybe, i didn't catch the form his keyblade took
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    I thought Ven's keyblade didn't have a keychain.

    No. Twilight town makes sense. The theme is orange. Set in Twilight. Traverse Town is jsut classic. Who would name their world the Land of Departure. The world looks neat enough. The name jsut irks me. It's like they are running out of legitimate names for their levels.
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    I thought Ven's keyblade didn't have a keychain.

    Look at 3:30 on the trailer. The name of the first world pisses me off too. Land of Departure. Jesus.
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    napoleon dynamite

    pretty great enough to be included in kh
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    everyones favorite type of person

    Why aren't there any black characters in kingdom hearts its downright wrong
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    This is in Re:com btw. It happened after the Destiny Islands floor.
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    Yes I suppose. I mean they all seem distressed about dieing.
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    I thought Nobodies couldn't feel emotions. But when he gets out of the fight with Riku, Zexion throws himself against the wall when he sees the Riku Replica with Axel. Fear is an emotion. Fear for his existence? How can you feign fear like that?