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    NA Site Updatez

    The screenshot of Ven smiling... I bet he's about to shove that ice cream into his face! xD And Braig's line made me lol, Terra just can't win against all this evil guys destroying his self-esteem and making him do their dirty work.
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    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    Germany and France are getting special editions for BBS? Better be Ireland next, come on!
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    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    Oh Gods a new trailer! Gotta say though, Terra's VA makes me laugh, the way he says things in the monotone voice of his. No Braig though.... I really want to hear his voice. And Maleficent's voice, still as evil <3 lulz when she's like 'And we shall rule the world!'; it sounds like she's hitting...
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    I adore Larxene. One of my favourite characters <3 She's just so different to all the other KH girls and I love her voice. So much. What's the quote in her report again? Oh yeah "I wish I had him set ME on fire!" xD