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  1. BrightEyes

    Da Game Plan

    bahahahaha i'm in college, i don't have time to sleep, let alone play a game. I'll buy it and it'll collect dust in my closet till thanksgiving break, then i'll play it. :( then i'll go back to school, then i'll play it during winter break.
  2. BrightEyes

    New avatars!

    my, these are adorable <3 japan and its love of cuteness...
  3. BrightEyes

    do u think...

    no button mashing = sounds good ;) i'll look forward to the challenge then.
  4. BrightEyes

    New Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gameplay video (Ven)

    loading times = meh. but the area size is kind of nice. the older versions were always a little cramped for my liking, so this is kind of cool
  5. BrightEyes

    finally BBS is old news

    <.< i still get on when it comes out. i don't come here just for BBS, and if there's stuff to discuss, i'll want to talk too. i don't really remember if i talked on the forums when CoM and kh2 came out, so i can't refer to past experiences, but either way, i wouldn't let myself become so sucked...
  6. BrightEyes

    finally BBS is old news

    agreed. i still see people talking about it.
  7. BrightEyes

    <.< Helloooooo

    Hi, i'm BrightEyes, I'm new, but kind of not new. I used to have a screenname here, waybackwhen... hmm around 2006-ish, but i stopped coming for a while, because i was busy with school. Phew, what a long time to be long, huh? Anyway, i came back and made a new screenname, so talk to me...
  8. BrightEyes

    Mystery goo?

    it seems like it took a long time, but i managed to get the mystery goos i needed too. its just ridiculous to find them and keep them still long enough to keep 3 hits in, but the results, oddly were relatively consistent for me. every... what, three mushrooms i think, i got a mystery goo, and...
  9. BrightEyes

    speaking of shark week

    xD ahahha i was expecting it for some reason. I'd already seen the movie, obviously, so i guess i expected to see the shark in the shipwreck area.
  10. BrightEyes

    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: KH2 Novel Translations - Official Thread this is awesome! finding this basically made my day... =D
  11. BrightEyes


    if its a question about the psp, that's a little different. But still kind of unlikely. I don't think the Japanese PSP is necessarily any different.