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  1. Rizziano

    March rolls by...still no Unchained X for the west

    I wonder what's taking them so long. I thought maybe by the end of February it'd be released, but now it's coming to the end of March and still no word. No word even during KH's anniversary...some have said that we'll never see the game releasing in the west but, I can't think of an example...
  2. Rizziano

    KH: Unchained X Release Date Speculation

    Greetings, hope you all had a brilliant new years :) I'm making the speculation that Unchained X will release sometime in February on the following 2 conjectures (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or have misjudged) : 1) Since i'm learning Japanese, I downloaded the game on my iPad...
  3. Rizziano

    KH3 D23 Japan 2015 Footage Shown in Japanese Advert!

    Thanks to a Twitter user by the name of Jyaco7777 - who released a video of it - there was a D23 premium theatre advert shown in Japan which features a brief clip of Kingdom Hearts 3 footage! it shows the new attraction flow taking place in what looks like the mysterious tower. Here is the link...
  4. Rizziano

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  5. Rizziano

    KH HD 2.8 confirmed at PSExp 2015?

    Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this image that has been circulating Reddit? Maybe we might see the D23 trailers after all; they took all this time to release for dubbing reasons (or for some other reason that probably doesn't make any sense lol)
  6. Rizziano

    KH:Ux Western Release Date Announcement at Paris Games Week 2015 (theory)

    Some have commented on the possibility of the western release date of Unchained X being announced at the D23 Japan Expo. While that is a reasonable notion, it doesn't seem logical to announce it at a Japanese expo; It would not be appropriate since the target audience at the expo are those who...
  7. Rizziano

    Golden Joysticks Awards 2015 - KH HD 2.5 - Sora, Goofy and "Daffy"

    Ooh, all this time I thought his name was Donald! How silly of me 😑 and I call myself a kingdom hearts fan, how absurd 😜 I wonder if Bugs Bunny will drop by in KH3 to say hi to Daffy! Maybe bump into Wild Cyote chasing Road Runner, who knows? (Yes I am being sarcastic lol)
  8. Rizziano

    What will come before Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Hey guys! I wanted to share my idea as to what the future holds regarding what will come before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm sure you all know that we are still missing two games for re-mastering/re-release: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts X Chi: I've seen...