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  1. Hecxy


    I was referring to more widely conducted polls and not just in one place, but point understood. It may be a horrible reason, but it's a reason nonetheless. In any series where the majority of characters are male, there's going to be a large amount of female fans who will ship. But shipping...
  2. Hecxy


    I have never read of Kairi ranking anywhere in the top 10 in character polls in Japan or anywhere else. In fact, I've never seen anyone (in real life or online) particularly fond of her.
  3. Hecxy


    No, no, I'm not saying he's a main character any means. Just that I think he deserves more screentime than Kairi. I'm guessing it's already been addressed, but I remember hearing a rumor a long time ago that originally Kairi wasn't planned. It would explain why Nomura has neglected her, which...
  4. Hecxy

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Yay I like it when I'm right~ Now I just can't wait to see Roxas separated from Sora.
  5. Hecxy


    Well I hope that Nomura doesn't mess this up and make her a character with significant screen time. It'd really ruin the series for me, not to mention about 90% of the fandom doesn't like her and I'm sure it'd cause a major backlash.
  6. Hecxy


    I dislike her because she's essentially useless, dull, and as a character I think I believe the theory that originally she wasn't supposed to exist and it was only Sora and Riku but Disney disliked the idea of homosexuality. Not to start a shipping war, but there are much more hints of Riku x...
  7. Hecxy


    I really hope Kairi has no significant role in this game. It would really ruin it for me. She hasn't been a main character in any game yet, the games have been successful, so why taint such a good thing? Don't give her anymore screen time than Demyx. Because Demyx deserves more screen time, in...
  8. Hecxy

    A quick question...?

    The way I see it, Mickey counted Terra, so he must come into play (somehow) as being one of the 7 lights. So, 1.Sora 2.Riku 3.Ventus 4.Aqua 5.Terra 6.Mickey 7. Lea or Roxas Sora mentioning that he and Roxas aren't the same person, and Xemnas revealing that Nobodies can indeed have hearts...
  9. Hecxy

    About Xemnas

    Re: It's weird seeing Xemnas take orders now I always like thinking of Xemnas as being the grand leader of all, too. His silky voice and calm demeanor sends chills up my spine (in a good way) every time. I think because Xigbar is part Xehanort now, they're more or less equals now since their...
  10. Hecxy

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    I wasn't really arguing anything, just stating that Xigbar and Braig are the same person again, but he keeps the name of Xigbar seeing as he's loyal to Xehanort. So thus both of them couldn't be in the Organization.
  11. Hecxy

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    If I'm not mistaken, it's mentioned Roxas was the only Nobody able to fuse without being destroyed himself, so for the other members they simply became one person and thus Xigbar and Braig couldn't exist at the same time...
  12. Hecxy

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Considering she's had such a small role in the series, it's really dangerous to just throw her in and suddenly make her important. Not to mention, the majority of fans (I feel, anyway) wouldn't be happy with it. Roxas could very well be the 7th light, since it's hinted that he is his own person...
  13. Hecxy

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    This may be a cheap way to win and not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but Balloonra and Balloonga do an ungodly amount of damage to any final boss.
  14. Hecxy

    How did you guys feel when....(SPOILERS)

    I wasn't surprised, really, though now that Xigbar has been confirmed to remain a bad guy, I wonder where the fandom is going to take him. (Y'know, how he's often paired with Demyx. I wonder where that's gonna go.) What I'm more curious about is learning just how Xehanort placed fragments of...
  15. Hecxy

    Ending game

    Re: Ending game (Axel) I adore Lea and I was quiet happy to see him make a return. Makes me even happier that he gets a keyblade, and a part of me is guessing that maybe in KH3 he's going to try to unlock Isa's heart or free it from Xehanort's hold. I'm sure we'll see more about Lea and Isa's...
  16. Hecxy

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    As long as Kairi isn't the 7th light, I don't care who it is. It'd be sueish for her to be a princess and guardian of light, not to mention up until now she's taken a backseat and the games have been amazingness. Coincidence? I think not. I think the first part of KH3 will involving rescuing...
  17. Hecxy

    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    My mum and stepdad got a new puppy a couple of years ago and expected me to help take care of it >.> I'm really not a dog person, I love cats, and that little yapper was always making noise or wrecking something. But I never in a thousand years would have thought of harming the little...
  18. Hecxy

    Help/Support ► Personal issues of a sort.

    I completely understand what you mean--having urges and wishing for someone to convey them with, yet not wanting to lose yourself and your values in doing so. I've only been sexual with one person (I was one of those people that waited until I was 18) and it was pretty much constant, so the...
  19. Hecxy

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced I just walked into Gamestop about a week ago and preordered it with no problem. They only asked for a $25 deposit since it's a special edition. I don't see why it would be different in Canada?
  20. Hecxy

    Hello, everyone, I am a Chinchilla!~ 0w0

    Not really, though some friends use that as a nickname for me. I'm Hecxy, but you can also call me Yami or Adrianne. I go by a lot of names now that I think about it. I've been a Kingdom Hearts fans for years, but never joined a forum despite my involvement in the fandom. So why not? I...