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  1. X-Gurl

    How many of you actually own the game?

    ^Title^ Sorry if it's been done before, but I'm just curious. I for one don't :/ I had to rent it out for a month XD
  2. X-Gurl

    Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack

    This rox. I love the music from KH, and I don't think the soundtrack was ever even avaliable over here. Or atleast, when I went looking for it, it was no where to be found :/ Anyways, thanx abunch for sharing ^_^
  3. X-Gurl

    what unknown iz Your favorite?

    Between Axel & Zexion for me ^_^
  4. X-Gurl

    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Yeha I think they're a browney/honey color...or do they glow? I forget XD
  5. X-Gurl

    Hidden picture!

    damn, sorry, stupid quote thingy didn't work XD anyways, you should post up a pic. i wonder what the blue goo is
  6. X-Gurl

    What's the hardest part in KH??

    I haven't fought any of the bosses like Sephiroth, Ice Titan etc, so I can't say how hard they are, but for me the hardest bosses were Clayton & Riku @ hollow bastion...maybe not the hardest, but they definately took me the longest to beat XD
  7. X-Gurl

    Name A Coolest Moment In KH1

    Too many cool moments to choose from :D I really liked the ending when Kairi sees the picture in the secret place, when Sora sacrifices himself and turns into a heartless, ummm, heaps more XD
  8. X-Gurl

    the secret place pictures

    I saw heaps of pics, but the only one I could really make out was the castle
  9. X-Gurl

    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    Well the stupidest thing I did...not really in-game, but ah, I was at Destiny Island fighting Ansem for the second time I think, and I couldn't beat him so I got tired of it, saved and started a new game, and at the beginning when you're learning and you're told to save it, I saved over it, so I...
  10. X-Gurl

    Stupid or creepy music

    The Alice In Wonderland music I hated! The movie always creeped me out, I dunno why XD Atlantica was annoyin, but I loved Halloweentown ^_^
  11. X-Gurl

    at what level did you beat the game

    The first time I was somewhere between lvl 70 - 75
  12. X-Gurl

    New here =)

    Hey everyone =) I'm new here, I've been lurkin for a long long time, so it's good to finally be registered and able to post XD Ummm....yeah, I'll try to stay active, but I don't have too much to say....:o