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  1. xStarSeekerx

    Naminé - Name origin?

    reallY? ive always thought she was kairis nobody. The X thing is just for members in the organization
  2. xStarSeekerx

    Real Quick

    I've Kinda been out of the whole KH thing for a while and i just want to know what the new games that are coming out are. i kno that theres 3DS...but is that all? and has anything new been proven? or is MF still MF and are there still like 20 Sora clones
  3. xStarSeekerx

    Partyy planning NEED HELP

    ok so im throwing my birthday party soon and im kinda stuck on what im gonna do. so its gonna be at my place pizza soda (not to much alcohol) music (just the party stuff, like a g6, bottoms up, etc.) i have kinect for the 360 and am i missing anything else?
  4. xStarSeekerx

    Who Knows everything?

    alright so i know that alot of us here know the entire story of KH< and the only things that seem confusing to us are the unexplained plot holes. but who in the GAME knows everything? is it yen sid? ATW? Mickey? is there some1 who knows exactly whats going on and has had a connection with...
  5. xStarSeekerx

    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    alright! HOLY S***!! i really don't think we need another F*king SORA!! i mean theres like 6 or 7 already! do we really need another?
  6. xStarSeekerx

    How come King Mickey didn't recognize Apprentice Xehanort as Terra?

    mickey never met or faced terra now that i think about it
  7. xStarSeekerx

    Questions I could have answered?

    1. If you played BBS you'll know how ven got inside of sora. and roxas looks like sora probably because he's his nobody. 2. They're not fighting. Xehanort has the overall control of the body, as for terras heart, it has been strongly implied in the Ultamania that it was went over to riku, also...
  8. xStarSeekerx

    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    I LOVED KH2!! the ending the gameplay, the story everything was great
  9. xStarSeekerx

    How Could Vanitas Truly Be...

    Well.....Vanitas never is destroyed. it kinda imposible. he faded from existence. theres a difference.
  10. xStarSeekerx

    To all those who have played RE: Coded or saw the cutscenes ~ SPOILERS RE:CODED SPOILERS

    now i wont say the gameplay was better than KH2 infact i wouldnt say the story is better. i would say that it had an ending that was very interesting.
  11. xStarSeekerx

    How Could Vanitas Truly Be...

    woah woah. just to get something Straight here darkness cant be destroyed. HOWEVER! A heart of darkness CAN be destroyed. and the darkness that was in it will just become darkness, the same darkness you see in you closet at night.
  12. xStarSeekerx

    To all those who have played RE: Coded or saw the cutscenes ~ SPOILERS RE:CODED SPOILERS

    so what did u guys think of the game? What did you guys think about Namine being the source of the bugs? and that in the journal when it said "Thank Namine" was actually what you literally had to do! Lol i think is pretty well thought out
  13. xStarSeekerx

    re:Coded Fails Sales Wise

    Re: Coded Fails Sales Wise Maybe it has something to do with the consoles. I mean from PS2 to DS to PSP to DS AGAIN, and then to the 3DS. i mean you cant keep expecting people to buy new consoles just for one game. but whatevs. i mean its 55,000 copies behind the number 2 slot, so it got...
  14. xStarSeekerx

    What do you think the Final Mix Secret Ending is gonna be?

    its most likley gonna hint to more things about new KH games. most likely KHIII either that or we get a cut scene of where xehanort is. (now that he has been reborn and all)
  15. xStarSeekerx

    Wouldn't Sora be able to dual weild in KH1?

    roxas doesn't have a heart. vens heart stays within sora, even when hes sleeping. and yes roxas duel wields because of Xion. he took her keyblade.
  16. xStarSeekerx

    Birth By Sleep Fridge Brilliance, TAV's fates were pre determined.

    i don't know if this was already posted already, but i stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty cool you know how in the end of BBS, each of the main Characters end up in a different realm. Aqua - Realm of Darkness Ven - Realm of In-Between Terra - Realm of Light well you know how in the...
  17. xStarSeekerx

    re:coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have

    Re: coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have wait guys. i don't think that the Starseeker is a keychain. i think it's an actual keyblade, like aquas, an vens, and terras. i mean if its just a keychain, the what was mickey using in bbs? a kingdom key? yeah that doesnt come along...
  18. xStarSeekerx

    Revelation on Riku's Memories

    woah! dude once again, ou have come up with an extremely well thought out theory. im totally friggin convinced. i mean i sorta got the whole pluto is obeying riku. and riku opened the dark corridor in KHI but waht really got me was the person whistling to pluto in khII, back when it was kairi...
  19. xStarSeekerx

    re:coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have

    re:coded spoilers How many Star Seekers does Yen Sid Have im sure almost everyone has noticed that Yen Sid is stacked on Starseekers So in bbs: Mickey uses the starseeker given to him by yen sid, he kicks ass with it. then in the end he goes to give it back out of shame, but yen sid lets him...
  20. xStarSeekerx

    Wouldn't Sora be able to dual weild in KH1?

    No, because disn't know he can duel wield in KHI you see in KHII the drive forms are basically like training wheels to help Sora get the hang of duel wielding. (i learned this my slef by several KH experts on this site) so in KHI - he didnt know he can, and even if he did he wouldn't know how...