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    KH 358/2 days

    But playin with Kairi would bring her more in front both in the story and gameplay, so she can be a greater part in Kingdom Hearts. i want her become a much more important role so she can reveal her true value as a charackter so i dont think it would be so bad to let her be a playable charackter...
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    Specific Questions about Sephiroth

    As you say, Reflega is a really important thing in that fight against Sephi. It´s really strange that Reflega does more Damage than your normal attacks but it´s a good contrast to use reflega while fighin.
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    Which of the upcoming KH-Games will you get?

    It´s kinda a shame that Square always has to release their games on nearly all seperate gaming consoles by now. So as in Kingdom Hearts, like Bbs (PSP), Days(DS) and Coded(MP). And we still dont know the platform for KH III. I´m really lucky on that point, cause I have PSP and a PS3 and my...
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    terra meets sora????

    Sorry for asking, but what do you mean with canon and non-canon? I just don´t understand what you mean by that in link with KH.:o
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    KH 358/2 days

    Maybe it´s the time where Roxas doesn´t know about the happening around himself, cause he keeps dreaming of Sora but dont know he´s staff of Org. XIII nor that he´s Sora´s Nobody. The last 5 five Days after he realises what he really is.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    The low difficulty of the game was the most disappointing thing I think. And I kinda felt like the main story fall aside in many parts. even Sephiroth was far too easy to beat in the second Game, see I beat him on Level 45 without taking damage.;P I also think the battle sytem was kinda too...
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    Specific Questions about Sephiroth

    Ultima would be best cause you should use that trio attack often to get him down and for heal of course. but in your case magic doesnt matter, instead kick his ass with oblivion or even lionheart. you just need to remember his kickass attacks like fallen angel, then just superglide so you can...
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    The best keyblades you can put to drive forms

    Normal: Ultima Valor: Fenrir Master: Lionheart Final: Oblivion That are my equipments, and i think thats the best way to fight.
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    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir Level 100, Ultima, Expert, accomplished Jiminies diary, beat sephiroth. I played Kingdom Hearts on my PS3 again, and that were my results on PS3. (Playtime: 48 hours to beat, and actual playtime: 324 hours.)
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    (Plot Changes/Character Developments/Etc) in Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Another Namine Fanboy/girl. What a shame. As I mentioned Namine is fine too but i´m on Kairi´s side and i wont past away. They´re both nice but Kairi has such a gentle and nice personality. The point where she wanted to leave just with sora wasnt serious. Just get it. she´s fine as she is.
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    (Plot Changes/Character Developments/Etc) in Kingdom Hearts 2?

    She was just kidding and that´s the point. Who knows her intentions? I´m keeping my opinion, she´s a wonderful charackter!
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    The truth will be in Days in the end. but you´ve some nice trys. that sounds really interesting.:thumbsup:
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    Has anyone here done a link battle on the GBA version?

    I didn´t so far but I dont think it would be that fun after all.^^
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    (Plot Changes/Character Developments/Etc) in Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Sorry, but are you crazy or something like that???:cursing: Kicking Kairi??? Thats absurd, she´s a wonderful charackter and i dont know why you developed such a bad relationship to her, but i´m sure you dont represent the KH-Community! Thats just absurd, as i mentioned Kairi is one of the most...
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    I dont think it was such a disapointment. It´s right, it didnt reach the level of Kingdom Haerts but in the end it was a satisfying succesor. The game itself was far to easy too beat and the main story got pulled a bit in background during the game but the new gameplay elements like the forms...
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    Organization Members Real Names: I've got seven

    Waitin for Days. There we´ll get a blowout of Org. XIII information. I´m really excited cause they are all so different and interesting. There they´ll hopefully confirm the other names. btw. i can imagine Axel´s name as Ale as well, cause of Reno´s facts.
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    Hi everyone^^

    I´m new here too. I just wanna say hello and this forum is really cool. I´m glad I could find such an Insider froum. What i´m lookin forward to: All upcoming Kingdom Haerts Games, cause i´ll buy them all. I own a PS3 and PSP (KH3, BbS and Coded, i´m sure it´ll be released for PS3 ;)), my sister...