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    Who is Zack's... (editted!)

    ill assume this is directed at me... do you even know what you are talking about? for one its angeal. the feather implies zack was killed, so sephiroth would be the candidate for that. but angeal isthe referred hero.
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    Who is Zack's... (editted!)

    this. exactly. its obvious. just a little shout out to cc. just like zacks sword resembles the SOLDIER swords
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    Who is Zack's... (editted!)

    people, just because someone does not exist in the kh universe does not mean they cant be mentioned. that would be incredibly foolish. i still believe its angeal. i would say sephiroth but the ending emplies zack had been killed, or mysteriously left, being replaced by (sephiroths) feather.
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    Random Question.

    i believe it was said somewhere he was formless until possessing riku at which point he shaped the body to his will. i think. hmm.
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    Who is Zack's... (editted!)

    Re: Who is Zack's... angeal. my theory? when terra offers his hand to zack, it mirrors when angeal offers his hand to zack in cc. this explains why zack says terra reminds him of a hero. check and mate?=3
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    Duelwielding And X-blade

    ohh alrighty then. well this theory is interesting. i did notice in the true final battle of the game terranort uses terras keyblade and the guardian keyblade. though technically not dual weilding, its something.(shrugs)
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    Duelwielding And X-blade

    i thought it was confirmed the x blade is the kk and ikk combined.
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    Mirage Arena Leveling?

    only thing i can do, cuz im on shitty psp browser, is direct you to the vens scenario thread around page 10. sorry
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    Mirage Arena Leveling?

    well one stream i saw- a ventus stream i believe, the player leveled up the arena in like two battles. only to level 2 though lol. I did notice he played with hugely overleveled players so maybe the character level counts too? just a thought
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    Another Secret Boss?......

    obviously sora...duh. Nah im guessing its something hard to manage size wise perhaps. as said before, a form of the darkside/twilight thorn
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    while thats a pretty interesting idea i dont think its possible, seeing as to how axel will be playable only in multiplayer, and i guess xion isnt confirmed for play (anyone got proof on that btw) If there is a reverse/rebirth mode (which there most likely will be seeing as to how the code...
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    when sora and roxas became "One" ?

    ah i see does it mean that ATF was weaker than xemnas since sora could defeat him unwhole but he defeated xemnas whole? with riku?
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    when sora and roxas became "One" ?

    I have a question that has always been bothering me since i have played KH2 remember back when roxas and sora became one? technically they were separated when roxas was born correct? so that was back in hollow bastion since sora wasnt whole, shouldnt there have been some kind of...
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    ATW's computer related to bbs?

    I recently read a forum post about the interesting qualities keyblades have in bbs. i then thought back to when i saw footage of terra summoning his keyblade it was similar to roxas summoning his in the data twilight town From this comes my theory that perhaps BBS is truely a LOOK into the...
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    is it true that ven holds his keyblade backwards? can someone please provide me with proof? i thought in the secret ending he held it regular like everyone else? if he holds it backward i am definitely excited to try to play as him. hewould be quite interesting to play as thank you.
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    Something i wished to point out about Xion (the 14th member)

    Ok so i logged in today to very exciting news, that there is more information about 358/2 days=) the information that appealed to me the most, was that we were actually getting more information about the 14th member of org 13! now, to my point, the 14th member is Xion now doesn't that dispel...
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    A bit more evidence?

    hey, well, i was just reading a [post, that explained various reasons that, Terra May be Xemnas+Ansem in the past......thay were pretty good reasons i believe...and they actually changed my opinions....but....people seem to think that this may not be possible because you can fight Terra in FM+...
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    Help Please! I need help beating....

    well, i netice that with vexens attacks, there is a very high chance to evade them, so keep on the move, and if it seems as though it is impossible to evade the attacks, then use zero cards. now the only way to hurt him is to attack him from behind, so if you are in front of him, dodge roll...
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    Is it weird, if i want to make an org13 name for myself?

    heh yah, my name is Markell, and idk it just is interesting to me how they made names for themselfs that way. hah but sadly, the best i could do was Marxllek so hah i need help. idk post and tell me what you thing of org 13, and hey, if you can help? its all appreciated.