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  1. Oriax

    Hello :)

    I'm back :D I don't think anyone will remember me though ... But meh, the site has changed a lot though o.O Just thought I would let you all know I am back though s1seafoodsoup
  2. Oriax

    Lord of the Rings prequel: Born of Hope ...

    Just found it whilst browsing the internet ... Link: Low-budget Lord of The Rings prequel becomes internet sensation - watch the trailer - mirror.co.uk I know it's apparently out already but what do you guys think - worth seeing it or not? Personally I think it looks okai but some of the...
  3. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Being paranoid...or did I fuck up???

    Well, usually, on your first time you don't really do much because you're not experienced at having sex. I shouldn't worry too much though, it never really does any good to worry ...
  4. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Being paranoid...or did I fuck up???

    Like Pelafina said, there is still a chance ... Did you not use any protection? - Not critisising, just asking ^_^; But yeah, take the morning after pill, it won't hurt :3
  5. Oriax

    Haldir of Lorien

    I'm in love ^_^ Haldir of Lorien - from the Lord of the Rings <3 I know the image isn't really high quality but still ... CnC please.
  6. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Not sure when to join :/

    Okai, I need you guys opinions please. I am going to join the Royal Navy. I have started the pre-training course and I am about 4 weeks into it. I want to join when I finish college in July but I'm not sure if I will be ready (because I am not the fittest person). My parents want me to join...
  7. Oriax

    Hope Does Prevail

    It doesn’t matter now. This pain I’m feeling inside of me, Will stop someday. I’ll fight no matter what To be with you To stay with you. Nothing about my life Seems good anymore. It’s worthless. I’m worthless. Yet I’m still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope. Holding onto that...
  8. Oriax

    Loch Ness Monster

    So what do you think of the Loch Ness Monster? Legend or true? I'd like to think it's true myself ... Also, I found this video and I'm not a video editor/maker etc etc etc so I don't know if it's real or not. Whatever it is, it's cool anyway ^_^...
  9. Oriax


    Chess likes cars <3 CnC please ^_^ 1. 2. 3.
  10. Oriax

    Just a few

    I looked at a few different tag tutorials this time and these three are the outcome ... CnC please ^_^
  11. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Eyesight?

    I used to wear glasses a few years ago but last year my eye doctor man said that I didn't need them anymore because my eyesight had gotten better ... But yeah, I agree - only wear them if you feel you need to.
  12. Oriax

    Martial Arts Movies ...

    I love them. My favourite is definatley House of Flying Daggers, although Hero comes a close second xD What about you guys, what one's do you like and would reccomend to everyone?? s1elleface
  13. Oriax

    This is disgusting

    If they didn't have any money then they should have taken better action. Here is the link. Chinese zoo blamed for death of 11 Siberian tigers - Yahoo! News Discuss if you wish ...
  14. Oriax


    That would make sense, because mine hasn't changed however when I had to log in everything was a little different ... :/
  15. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Two losses in two days...

    :/ I hope you and your family are okai and I offer you my condolences at this hard time. Just remember to think about the happy times :) *hug*
  16. Oriax

    Final Fantasy on DS ...

    Hey guys. This week I'm hopefully going to get KH 365/2 Days on Nintendo DS, I have some spare money so I was going to get a Final Fantasy one for the DS too. I haven't got any of them so I was wondering which ones you thought were the best, or should I just start at one?? Cheers. :D
  17. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Help...

    That's horrible :( As for telling your friends, couldn't you just tell your grandma that you are going out to meet them and explain what is happening?
  18. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Got myself in some Deep Sh*t!

    You are in a Catholic School and you said that to her?! What was going through your mind, I mean, okai - you say you were joking but didn't the Catholic part ring any warning bells?? Sorry man, just try and apologise which is the best thing to do right now and do not say anything else that is...
  19. Oriax

    Help/Support ► Am I going to be like this forever?

    Load of people have probably said this but I'm too lasy to r ead through the comments ^_^;; Anyways. How about some voice classes. They have helped my friend to improve singing alot and now she is more confident to sing at people. Before the classes she had a terrible voice but now you can...