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    KH2: Final Mix+ appearing at the World Hobby Fair!

    Somehow I think a headband wont help much in this situation XD But if your willing, we could always use a trailer .
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    My First KH2 Video... Not Bad .

    Well this was my FIRST movie EVER . So I would guess anyone could make better. Well thanks for the comments, hope I can make more and maybe take your advice ! ^^ Oh, and good luck to you Ivyprincesofhart ^^
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    My First KH2 Video... Not Bad .

    The pictures passed as a story line, just watch it carefully, it prolongues the actual events that happen in the game . But thanks anyway for the comment, it took me an hour so, meh ^^
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    My First KH2 Video... Not Bad .

    Here is the link: (**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**) http://media.putfile.com/Kingdom-Hearts-2- Please comment on it ^^
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    Pwner to join the ranks ^^

    I am a KH fanatic in SOOO many ways, I love video games ^^ I am 16 and love skateboarding as well as computers. I am usually on constantly and love forums, also how may a member get staff, because I feel I highly qualify for a spot on staff . Hope I can help with the forum, laterz ^^